The hidden years in Canada 10, the dance

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The dance

The Pontiac growled and then with the typical deep rumbling in the exhaustpipes we left the Queen's behind us. ‘Man,’ said Richard, ‘why did you stand up?’ ‘I didn’t see it coming,’ I said, from now on if a mate says: ‘I am standing up and so is my friend, I'll stay seated.’ Ringo Starr sang from the CKXL transmitter, 'it don’t come easy', and I realized he was right. You've got to pay your dues, if you wanna sing the blues and you know it don't come easy. You must pay the price if you want to sing the blues. The music in those years was great it was a drug, it expressed how our life really was. The artist bled feeling form some cosmic collective and explained or gave voice to society as a whole.. His or her contribution, completed the moment and let the next moment to be born. ‘Man,’ Richard said, "that is music!" ‘Yes,’ I said, ‘right on.’


We drove through the night and arrived at the school. There were groups of youngsters outside smoking and hanging out. We parked the American beast and made our way through the people to the entrance and hurried inside. From the gym the music came floating to meet us and a bar made of market like stalls had cola and ice cubes. It was dark and it was hard to distinguish who stood where. Someone tugged at my sleeve, it was Don. ‘Are you finally there,’ he said, ‘I thought that you would not come.’ ‘Nice huh,’ he went on, and I must say I did not find it so amazing when I looked around. These were two extremes, a school dance and a bar where knife fights were common. ‘Yes,’ I said, ‘they have made good work of it.’ ‘Hey guys,’ said Beverly, ‘ I thought, where are my big boys.’ ‘Hmm, you should know what I thought, flashed through my mind, less than fifteen minutes ago, standing side to side of a knife artist.’ I realized that such things could not be explained well, those worlds differ too much from what was happening here.

"You look great," I said to say something nice and to be honest, our Beverly looked enchanting. But she belonged to another world, a world of sweet innocent people who worked hard for their future. A world removing itself at top speed from ours. ‘We came as quickly as possible,’ I said, ‘it really was not much fun.’ ‘This is,’ Beverly laughed and she put her arm through mine. ‘Where is my other big boy,’ she asked? ‘Here,’ said Don. ‘No, not you, I meant, Richard,’ laughed Bev. ‘At your service, madam,’ Richard said, and he put his arm through hers. ‘Hey,’ said Don, ‘and I, where do I come in.’ ‘Not,’ Richard said, 'you don’t come in,' 'We still have a lot of catching up to do and you have had the pleasure of Beverly's company all evening.’ ‘Who gets the dance,’ said Beverly? 'We,' I said, 'whatever is played we’ll  do the Sirtaki to it, from Zorba the Greek.’


So we laughed away the evening in a way that Freddy McGee would never see nor the lip nor any of the others and that was unfair of the world and that made them into what they were .. 'You know what,’ said Beverly, towards the end of the evening, ‘let's go past Pop' s’ and that seemed like a great idea. She kept her shoes in hand, ‘ they are pinching me,’ she said. ‘Too much Sirtaki,’ I laughed and I had not felt so relaxed for a long time. We stepped inside, laughing at Pop. His outlet was empty. ‘No’, he exclaimed, ‘if we do not have mother goose with her offspring coming in.’ ‘Quack, quack,’ said Don and we fell nearly down because Don was so out, so awful. ‘No, then you must be dr Quack,’ said Pop and we had again an uncontrollably, childlike laugh. I walked to the juxebox while Richard ordered four shakes. I searched for Iron Butterfly and pressed ‘on the road again.’ Bev and Richard and I linked arms with each other and began the dance of Zorba. ‘Hopa,’  it sounded suddenly, ‘hopa' and Pop came from behind the counter, taking his apron off.  ‘My grandfather was Greek,’ he said, and embraced Don and so five misguided North Americans danced late at night the Sirtaki in Pop 's soda shop. It should have gone on forever.

San Daniel March 2015

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