To my dad

Door Eggy gepubliceerd op Thursday 12 March 14:46

dear dad,once I was sad.

you died over fifteen years

and that brought me so much tears...



But now I feel so different about missing you.

you taught me so much about life,that's the thruth.

you never hurted people,like so much people do these days

you loved me(I understand now) in so many ways....


you tried to protect me,

so nobody could harm me,

but in the past that i did'nt see.

you were a good parent,

it's such a shame our bound had to end....


you did'nt have a easy life,

much of troubles and strife,

with my mother,your wife....


I learned from you what I want to be like a person

and what I want to see in my sons

you could compromise,

but to my suprise,

you also opened your mouth,when someone treated you badly en very loud....


sometimes I keep missing you,being here right by my side,

so I could fill your heart with pride,

but I keep the faith,you can see everything up there,

there where good people go ,high above the atmosphere....


see you later....



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