But smoking and views on the dangers of smoking

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Deputy Director of the China Sanya Liu Jiang Antao admits, from lack of awareness for the damage smoking tobacco disguised advertising and misleading of the film - and television propaganda, etc., all lead to a weakening of the overall social atmosphere efforts of society as a whole smoking, tobacco control needs, medical institutions have the responsibility and obligation for smoking, the habit to contact and advice will help, but it must also cover the participation of the social forces, if smoking to each consciously to reflect behavior, hospital of the anti-tobacco-work can be performed effectively. Sanya China tobacco control new exploration Chinese orthopaedic don't think doctor Zheng as to Sanya, in this life, even on "blacklist", which comes from the inveterate habit. To create a smoke-free hospital,Cheap Newport Cigarettes the medical staff must first non-smoking example. To listen for "Smoker" heavy with smoking, smoking specially created a sanya Chinese medical staff blacklist, the signing of the anti-tobacco target leadership responsibility of the employee, not a week on a regular basis to convince and monitoring, with the continuous increase of the efforts, only 23 people present on the "black list". To promote the establishment of smoke-free hospital, to sanya on two levels of Chinese tobacco network set up at the College and Department level, or on tobacco work leading group set, the tobacco control inspector and supervisor set up, through the main LED group leader. It can be difficult as College of the anti-tobacco work, the group leader Liu Jiang Antao, Vice President of the Institute, it broke. "I have more than 10 years of smoking, group leader must now lead role? Only bite to stop a tooth with the smoking, really could finish." Liu Jiang Antao said with a smile. Actually for Liu Jiang Antao and in "Friends", to give up smoking is not only a work necessary, is also a question of the own "handbag". Encouraging the staff to actively participate in the hospital, on tobacco control a "cigarette before the 3 packages", anti-tobacco system of rewards and punishments. Nosocomial hospital banned cigarette butts and hospital is responsible for collecting specific commissioned two cigarette cleaner, Department within the framework of a cigarette ends buckle departments and doctors bonuses, public areas appear, cigarette butts, the content of the two cleaners,Marlboro Cigarettes Gold tobacco supervisor do not regularly make buckle. "Hospital medical staff in smoking fines of up to 100 Yuan / times, WC, ambulance found that cigarette butts, the highest in 6 Yuan / cigarette butts, margin according to claim 3 Yuan / cigarette punishment." Hospital staff report employee smoking rewarded 50 Yuan / times, found the Inspector that the smoking of cigarettes press 2 Yuan / cigarette smoke reward, no cigarettes, found non-smoking area, Department and individual are given the highest 200 Yuan a month. "Sanya of China health overseer Yin Ke beauty, according to the regulations, every month there are departments and punished persons and the implementation of the system of rewards and punishments, rewards, effectively arouse the enthusiasm of all tobacco control." Sitting in a doctor's Office smoking, spleen and stomach patients family members of Mr Wang began smoking a cigarette, right in front of him and stood on a no-smoking sign, which detail the smoking on the dangers of spouse, children and fetuses. "In the hospital, not to smoke, only smoke to smoke, smoke finish can, but smoking and views on the dangers of smoking which will not taste in the head, smoke less." Mr Wang said. "In smoking cessation advice for patients and disheartening at the same time we have also through the establishment of a smoke way know smoking the dangers of smoking, reduce the dangers of passive smoking to the public at the same time, lead to reduce smoking with smoking, health care." Sanya Chinese doctors said Lin Haihua finish.

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