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Goedemiddag Allen,

Ik vernam gisteravond iets van een client van mij uit Kerkrade.Zuid-Limburg,wat mij de haren te berge deed rijzen,dat dit zomaar kan,en dan op deze manier.ik doe het nu even in het engels,omdat dit uit het buitenland komt.namelijk uit Nigeria.

How evil can you be,to take advantage of another person who is weaker then yourself.a psychiatric patient.who doesn,t have a clue of real life.who doesn,t have any money at all to spend.
How evil can you be to rob someone from his last money to buy some bread and something for dinner.
How evil can you be to send private pics and video,to someone else.because that some person doesn,t get what that person wants:a fake marriage to get a lot of money in the Netherlands.
That person wanted 520 euro,s from my client,which he doesn,t have at all
How evil can you be to threaten someone by sending private pics and video,s to someone else.to a stranger because that person didn,t get 200 euro,s before eight,o,clock this morning.
How evil can you be to use another person for your own black purposes.and faking some kind of relationship,which doesn,t exist.
How evil can you be as a person from another country to falsely get money behind someone,s back?

That person is in big trouble from now on.that person is a misguided puppet on the string of the authorities.the police as well as the american embassy.

Because how evil can you be to use my client as a kind of toy boy in order to play the little false whore.!
with all kinds of evil threats.to get money,which you won,t get at all.!!
So stop this ridiculous behaviour.and stop harassing my client.

And people who are reading this.this kind of thing happens more often then you think.
Creating a fake marriage over someone,s back in order to get money over here.

This often comes from the third world countries .in the countries who often are in war with eachother.
To get a better life.these people often come to the netherlands to start a fake life.without noticing what they,re doing to another person.

This happened to my client.he was getting threats by mail.while he doesn,t understand things because of his psychiatric condition.
so he mailed me to ask what he could do with this person.
i told him to wait on any negative action from that person,which really came this morning in my private mail box.so i sent it back to that person.unopened with the text:"NOT INTERESTED."!which is true.

So i hope that this very negative person,a female.stops with her revenge actions;because what sge wants isn,t going to happen.never.!!

So it,s a warning for single men as well.don,t ever start a relationship outside of your own country.cause it,s bad.!!!

Have a very nice day .!!


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