The Canadian years, 100, the hunting party

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The hunting party

The house was quiet, I did not need to worry. I only had to make sure that I would be gone before the monsters awoke. The Gnome would not come passed this night, he was under the assumption that I was docile and would participate in the planned accident that he would stage. I let the affairs of the last few months pass my mental eye pass. I put things in order as I would report it the next morning. I knew what had happened but it would still be a complicated story.

My father had been upset about my brother breaking the unilateral promise. Like a madman he had started filming him. My brother had become the first actor from the dead film archives. My declaration would start with the day before the hunt, when my brother was, without realizing that, hammering away to make his own stretcher. He had taken me to his car and had shown me the Lee Enfield.  I had held it in my hand. I could remember the smell of the oiled wood holding the barrel mechanism. He had been lulled to sleep with the story that Karen would be the beneficiary, starting Saturday. However, he was slain on Friday. He was slain with the weapon that my father made him buy. My father had left him to bleed to death, unfortunately he had not fired a directly fatal shot. It had caused my brother to suffer even more and he had realized the betrayal. Floating above the story and the events that had taken place my mind became clear. With this approach, the last coin fell into place and that explained everything. It declared the wir of confused paths and tracks that my father had made in the hour and a half, that he left my brother dying and I could not believe that we had all been so blind not to know what had happened there. Neither the rangers, nor me.

I concentrated enormously and floated on wings of observation, focussing on the facts,  over the place of the betrayal.

He must have been shot immediately after arriving otherwise the seal would have been cut sealing the trigger and the bolt. My brother got out and walked away from the car. Yet so near still to the car that his fire arm was still sealed. That put the time and place of murder, within the 50 steps he had taken, about 50 seconds after leaving the warm cabin of the half ton truck. 1 minute after arriving and getting out. He could not even shoot back because his gun was still sealed and when the shot hit him he had lost part of his left shoulder and he would never be able shoulders a gun again, the injury and the fact that he was left-handed made sure that he could not defend himself afterwards.


I focussed with all my will power to the cabin just before he got out and concentrated fiercely. What had passed there, what had been said there?

-‘Right Boy,’ my father said kindly,’we will make short work of it, before you know it we are back home. Evert laughed, on Sunday he would wake up in Edmonton in his static home, the large mobile home. He and Karen would have share their first joint day together and the next day he would start the  trainee ship. He was curious about his colleagues. ‘You get going, just, get a headstart, while I look for the hunting license’, my father said as he opened the door on his side. He now leaned forward to rumble through the glove compartment. His son would now not look back as he opened the door and was carrying the gun. He would silently step from the pickup in the soft gras and leave the door open. In the back was better, he did not want his firstborn son to look at him. Even then he would have to kill him because it was impossible to explain to someone that you had aimed at him.

* So boy’, my father said kindly, ‘we will make short work of, before you know it we are back home’. Evert nodded and opened the door, he said,’ good hunting’ and he thought of Sunday he would wake up with Karen in the static home in Edmonton. His beautiful dear Karen, he wondered what his new colleagues would be like.

I floated back on wings or medidation, to quote Hamlet once again to sweep to my revenge. And I would, I would sweep down and try with all my might to avenge my brother with justice and law. I would like a bird of prey swoop down on my prey and nail it to the pillory. Therefore, the visualization was so desperately important. I wanted the declaration which I was going to make the following morning, to be precise, surgically exact. I was pleased with the cab, that is how it had gone.

- As Evert went to take, which would be his last few steps, the clock of his life now ticked quickly to an end. My father shouldered the rifle, he did not need to load it, he had everything well prepared. He had transported it on sharp. Otherwise my brother would have heard the click of the bolt. ‘We are Christians’, my father thought, ‘it must be a merciful shot.’ ‘I will blow out his soul like a candle without him realizing it.’

 He glanced quickly around, no witnesses? No, the coast was clear. He aimed and pulled the trigger, the shot echoed out through the valley, ringing away. Evert was thrown forward simultaneously with my father's hand that was thrown up by the recoil of the shot.


* There Evert went with which would be his last few steps, the clock of his life now ticked quickly to an end. The grass was damp and high, the dew glistened at first light. Slight wisps of mist rose up where the sun evaporated the dew. It was a beautiful setting. He was thrown away when he heard the shot. He lay down on the ground, his gun had flown from his left hand and he tried to get up, but couldn’t, his arm and shoulder and hand refused service. When he saw to his horror in front of him on the ground, a piece of his shoulder with a gunpowder vapor trailing up. He had felt no pain yet. ‘What has happened,’ he thought and then all of the sudden the realization came along with the pain which became unbearable. He dug his hand into the ground and rolled groaning from left to right. He coughed and blood came up with it. ‘Oh,’ he thought,’ I got a shot in the lung. Where is dad to help me?

It was just a figure and nothing else, who had been thrown forward and to his horror my father saw that the gun had deviated, he had hit the figure too high. He considered a second shot. No, you could not explain that. He considered to help  the groaning man revolving in agony and pain. Impossible then it would  be clear that he had shot him. Quiet, calm yourself, compose yourself. He knew that man had to go out of sight quickly. If the wound was serious enough then he would let him bleed to death. If it was a superficial wound, then he would take him to the post after discarting the Lee Enfield. Evert would not know who had shot him.

-He put the gun in the back of the truck and ran to the boy ‘what happened’, he cried, ‘do not talk.’ He turned Evert over and saw the damage done but shut himself off for it. At a glance he knew that the option would be ‘bleed to death.’ He had received a shot in the lung, he would drown in his own blood and rattle and gurgle his life away, he had seen that in the military, in the KNIL,with his mates that died from lung shots. ‘Can you walk? Let's quickly get you to a doctor. ‘The man only moaned and stumbled more than he walked. My dad flipped open the tailgate and put the stretcher down as a slide and put my brother with his back on it. He jumped into the back of the truck and pulled him up by his good arm. Then he jumped out and put the stretcher beside the wounded man. He quickly closed the tailgate. He heard the gurgling man say something that sounded like Dan and Karen, but the blood that came up drowned out any intelligible audible sound. My father saw Evert look at the gun and my father snatched it away and Evert gave him a withering look. .

* Pain, he could not think, just that he needed help. Thank God there came dad running to him, now everything would be fine. ‘Boy,’ he heard him cry out, ‘what has happened, do not talk. His father turned him over and looked at him intently. ‘Can you walk,’ he asked and took him away. We quickly need to go to a doctor. ‘Thank you,’ thought Evert. He stepped limping along and it got very stuffy, he was short of breath. Dad put him on the stretcher. Evert thought for a moment, ‘I have made that one,  good thing we’ve got it here’. He wanted to say that Dan and Karen had been scared for this, but the words could not leave his throat, the blood now filled his nasal cavity. He turned his head to the left and there he saw the gun and he understood what had happened. His father saw him look and snatched the gun away.

‘So boy,’ my father leaned over the edge, this happens when you betray me. ‘Forgive me and help me’ Evert wanted to say but he could no longer speak. ‘Do not leave me’, thought Evert, ‘help me please, I do not wanna die.’ My father looked with interest at him and then turned away. He parked the pickup now somewhere from the side of the road and grabbed a towel. He also picked up a pair of gloves and rubbed the gun carefully fingerprint free. That had almost gone wrong. He pulled on his gloves and when passing by the body, he looked in, it would still take some time. He crossed over and walked up the hill and looked around. He came to some fens but they were not deep enough .. He walked to a high top which offered good views and saw a melt water lake. That seemed more like it. He went and came to the shore, he grabbed the rifle by the barrel and swung it over his head in a circle and let it go ..

When he let the old weapon go, it flew off and landed almost in the middle with a nasty splash. The birds fell silent. It took a while and then there were no more ripples. So now there had been a poacher who had shot his son, his beloved son. A little walk around and stop at all kinds of lakes and fens and cross over and do the same on the other side of the road, then the aberrations would be numerous and inimitable. It would be a maze of tracks.


 Evert heard his father come back and he saw him in and out of focus, the end was near, his father felt his pulse, he saw an image of his beloved, he saw a static caravan and in front of that, he sat with Karen, on a step and his spirit broke. ‘That was it, no more pulse,’ my father thought, ‘time for the ranger's post.’

 I knew how I would handle it, I would inform my sister and the ranger.  He was the figure that could reopen the investigation on the basis of new data, that had come to light. Then my father would have to take the lie detector test. I would make a statement and I would send it to my sister who was an adult and had never been accused of alleged drug use and she would communicate that she had heard this from me and put much credence to it. I would put in the envelope to my sister a neutral postal card addressed to the little ones. With, I need to go for work up North, love you ... and ask my sister to post that from her island. That would leave her testimony and that of the ranger to stand up in court and my father would think that I’d had left the state, to go up North.

Because if one thing was abundantly clear, then it was, that he was never to be alone with me because I feared it would be my end. They would not find me because the civil registry in all of North America is a mess. When I was old enough to apply for a passport then I would leave Canada. I assumed that you had to be 18 to be able to do so, independently. I'd be 19 when I finally could implement that part of the plan. I would like to stay with Richard and go to work and after a week’s wages, I would look elsewhere to rent a room and start from there with the return to Europe or Australia in mind, which ever came first. I could not go back to school because he might be waiting for me there. That would come later. First avenge my brother and then I'd see what the next steps were. In seriousness, this step plan remained fairly intact, albeit with delays.

I was considered setting up a trap with the police regarding the "murder plan and the Ring" by allowing them to wait at Paskapoo hill, but I did not dare to so, and rejected it. ‘You can not do anything with that’,  my sister would have said and Beverly would have endorsed that. No, testimony was sufficient. The time had come, I realized for the great Pascha to do lot of explaining.  I sat down at my desk and wrote a long letter to my sister, I only had to add the postcard to it and mail it. At the door I put down the two things that I would not want to forget. The fossilized reptile head from Lybia and the old spice bottle from my brother.

I walk with a stone around my heart and I cry my tears for you

Rest in peace, dear mom .... rest in peace, dear boy

San Daniel; Andalucia, 02/03/15


San Daniel 2015

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