The Canadian years, 97, the ring and the plan

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The ring and the plan

‘Can you look,’ I asked Richard, ‘whether there is work for me in drywall construction?’ ‘Do not be silly,’ Rico said, ‘you’ll finish make school and then you’ll go away from here.’ ‘If I am lucky,’ I said, but I'm worried. I have not endeared me, but I can no longer cope, well, with any situation. Just a parallel plan if the worst comes to the worst’. ‘You know,’ Rico said, ‘if you have the opportunity then you are going to use it. Freewheel it out and let them get lost.’ ‘I really want to go back to school’, he continued, ‘you would not believe how seamy the guys are that I have to work with, you know what it is like?’ Well,’ I asked, ‘you're going to adjust, push your boundaries and your standards.’ ‘Without you wanting to. All jokes are all about booze, broads and fucking. You just get tired of it. After a while you talk about booze and broads. Do you understand? Otherwise you’re noticed, you know what else?’ ‘No,’ I said. ‘You get paid well, but it is not worth it.’

‘You’ll start talking slang because otherwise you stand out and they’ll bully you away,  or they’ll chuck you off a scaffold.’ I understood what he was saying, only a few months ago he would have said, ‘they’ll throw you off a scaffold. He didn’t even notice.. If you do not speak constantly about drinking and screwing, with the coffee with your sandwich, or if you just smoke a cigarette, then they think you're a pofter and they bully you away. If they can take your lunch away from you, they’ll bugger that of 19 high, down. If you shoot off your mouth about that, they’ll keep you over the edge. So, I,  bully new  boys now. You learn very quickly not to say; I am not going .. but I aint, gonna go. There are more primates that work there than normals. Kiwi is a normal,he has been traveling and has seen a lot and he speaks with an accent so he is not dignified, but the rest is very difficult. Louis the lip is a frustrated soul and anyone he suspects of being smarter than he is, which is not difficult, is nailed. Also for this reason, there is a lot of work, because a lot of boys quit after a week..

Half of them have been in prison, often for violence. Not rape or so, but because they have smashed the head of a colleague in with a steel pipe, that sort of thing.’ ‘Are you serious’, I asked? ‘Oh yeah, they change his name to John the pipe, then you might think he was a plumber, no he has nearly beaten someone to death and could just be overpowered, or he would have slammed someone with a smashed head ,of five high down, things like that.’ ‘They wait until you go to the loo. This is a wooden house with two air holes on the side and a barrel with a shelf on it. Then someone sneaks up to it and slides the bolt across the door and then a couple of them rock the shithouse, until you are splashed all under.’ ‘Has that happened to you,’ I asked surprised? I had heard how his voice had become angry. ‘Um, yes’ he said. ‘Then they spray you down with a high-pressure hose and the first few hours you walk around with piss wet clothes.’ ‘Then, if you survive that kind of stuff, you belong to the in crowd and you have great mates.


‘I understand why you want to go back to school,’ I said.’ In the new year, this kid finishes highschool off,’ Rico said. I thought about what Kiwis had said. ‘It's a different world’, he said, ‘so different from your school, you have no idea’. ‘This idea began to take shape now ..’ ‘You can always contact us,’ Rico said, ‘ the amount of vacancies are enormous. People adapt and roughen up, or they are bullied away.’ ‘Yes, as an extreme escape, then,’ I said.

Home my father said at the table,’ what did your friends say about your ring?’ ‘You did show it to them?’ ‘Yes’, I said, they thought it was nice,such an old ring that had been my grandfather’s.’ ‘So people have seen you with that ring, they would recognize it?’ ‘Yes,’ I said, ‘it is quite different by shape and color and inscription than other seal rings.’ ‘That's good ,’my father said.’ Tell me boy, if you could choose, where would you want to live?’ ‘You mean if I really could just go where I wanted.’ ‘Yes,’ my father said gently. ‘Australia,’ I said without thinking I blurted it out. ‘Why,’ asked my father?’Mainly for the climate,’ I said. The TV was annoyingly loud.. ‘That is not impossible,’ my father said, ‘I can help you there, if you want. I have a plan to achieve that, a plan as good as murder. ‘Really,’ I said, ‘you would allow me to go to Australia?’ ‘Of course,’ my father said, ‘that's best for everyone ,. You treat your mother without respect, that can not go on.’ ‘She is not my mother,’ I said. ‘That is exactly what I mean,’ my father said, and you break promises all the while.’ ‘When Mom came here with her little one you have bid her welcome and now you want her gone, that's very ugly.’

 In the evening when the kids are asleep Betsy and I will talk with you, because we have a good solution. At that moment there was a recruitment advertisement for the professional army from the TV blaring. ..Once and always a member of the British legion .. I caught on and from nowhere disappeared the blockade and I saw the gun for me that my brother had bought from the old man in the pub of the British legion and I decided to immediately grasp the cow by the horns, Don would have shaken his head, but if you say  A then you'll have to say B.

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