The Canadian years, 82, the hunting party

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The hunting party

I woke up with a feeling of unease. My brother was still sleeping the sleep of the innocent. My brother after a nice evening out, was snoring away. My father came down the stairs, he was all dressed up. ‘Wake up sleepyhead,’ he said as he put his head around the corner of the door, my brother grunted. ‘Hey dude it's time,’ my father said, ‘you have to get ready, at night a man, by day a man,’ My brother woke up.’ I'll be there,’ he said. My father, who would put my brother to eternal sleep, had just woken him up. When my brother got up darkness came in circles around me. The premonitions almost made me sick, it was the fear that suddenly grabbed me by the heart, and I said.’ Do not go! Say you're sick.’ ‘I feel pretty good,’ laughed my brother, ‘which surprises me after last night.’’ Do not go,’ I said again, ‘but fate put a blanket over the thinking of my brother. ‘Gosh’, he said, turn over once again to, it's still early’.’ I'll see you later, see you later’ and with these last words he walked out of my life forever. My handsome strong brother who loved cowboy stories, who was good down to his toes, remained forever young.

The engine of the half-ton let out a first growl and growled through the early morning darkness, the sound carrying far and moving away from our house.Two hunters on the way to the hunting party, each with a different prey in mind. Enclosed in the cabin only scarcely  illuminated by the instruments on the steering panel, receding away from the society with its laws and regulations and on the way to the no man's land where you are dependent on one another.


My day at school was a normal day and I laughed my bad feelings away with my friends. In the afternoon, the lesson was interrupted by a knock on the door and the Principal came in. ‘I'd like to just talk with young Daniel,’ he said and his eyes wandered around the room. I raised my hand and he recognized me from my previous suspension. ‘Take your books with you, said the principal in a serious tone of voice, something happened, something unfortunate, your presence is required at home.’ I forgot the classroom around me. ‘What has happened mister Wonnecot, sir?’ ‘It is all I can say,’ replied the principal, ‘you are expected home so to speak, on the double and boy, God bless you,’ and he walked with a nod to my master away.’ You've heard mister Wonnecot,’ said my master, ‘I would go if I were you.’ I walked away and became aware of the eyes on me. I heard a classmate say, ‘it's probably his mother. ..’ I walked into the hallway but the principal was nowhere to be seen. My books went in my locker and I walked out. My skin breathed fear out in cold sweat, there was something terribly wrong, I felt it to me toes. Occasionally I ran a few steps and then I pulled myself together and I just took on a brisk walking rhythm. A cold sweat broke out and so I arrived home. The halfton was parked outside, at least that wass something, I thought and I walked the few steps up to the kitchen and when I stepped inside I knew it was all very wrong.

San Daniel 2015

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nice done your english is very good