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White fluid

Eventually it became Saturday and Beverly looked pretty. She sat with her head against my shoulder, as we drove through the gate of the drive-in movie. It was a large car park with marked parking places and next to each place was a post from which you could take a sound box, and those same hooks went to the inside of your door window, which you then turned up. In the middle of the field stood a high plastered wall that was painted stark white. Visitors who wanted to 'fool a round a bit' went a bit to the far removed parking places and those who came really for the film, looked more for the center of the field where you’d find some buildings, a toilet and an outlet with popcorn and soft drinks. ‘You dirty dog,’ Richard had said you're just going to the movie 'to make out', which meant; to make love.

‘No dude, I am crazy about movies,’ I had said. ‘Oh, yeah what's that movie than where you’re going to?’ He had caught me out, I had no idea what was on. ‘Look, that is what I mean,’ Richard said ‘you're going to initate our ladylove in sordid business or at least try’. Richard, I laughed,’ you're hanging around too much with Don, if you're so fixated on sex then you advertise that you are completely inexperienced and you're hungry for anyone who can help. Furthermore, it is not really your thing what happens between Beverly and me.’ ‘Oh,’ I said, ‘I will take good care of her, don’t you worry, I’ll take a blanket along, over the knees for when it gets cold’. ‘Oh,’ Richard groaned and rolled his eyes.  ’The only one who is real, of us all, is Beverly,’ I said, she does what her senses command her to do, she doesn’t have to make things up, she lets life come along and we suckers, we wring ourselves over backwards to ingratiate ourselves to her. She is a free spirit.’


‘She is a bit like the queen bee and we whirl around her.’ ‘No,’ Richard said, ‘she is one of the boys.’ ‘Grow up Richard,’ I said, ‘waky waky, it is much more than that. It has become very complicated. Of course she is one of us, but I think no friendship between men and women can exist without the expectation, the tension that it brings about. Jack did not come with his Led Zeppelin record for us, maybe a little, but he wanted to be near Beverly. It is a voltage game. Don is too busy with his fantasies and you offer yourself.’ I put my hands wide as he had been in the room a few days back and imitated him, ‘I'm here, I'm second.’’ Dude that is almost insulting. Like, I do not care who you are, I just want to use you.’Yes,’ said Richard? ‘Note man, this is important, she sought me out first because I was the only one who did not come on like a horny bear offerering my services. The moment Richard, a second woman comes in our group then the spell is broken, all this happens because we let it happen.’

‘Women seek security and a day out, and boy Beverly is a tease, she challenges you and we really like it but if it comes down to it they choose, and we have nothing to contribute.’ Richard looked at me bewildered ‘and you do not want her’, he asked frowning? ‘Yes and no,’ I said, ‘it is not difficult, I just want a good time and that is what she wants as well, the rest is make believe, a put on.’ ‘How do you know this’, asked Richard? ‘From my previous life in India,’ I said with a laugh.’No shit,’ Richard said, ‘what were you then?’ I was pillow shaker in sex monastery, boy you should see how those guru's go, big time.’ ‘Oh little grasshopper,’ Richard said, and he rolled his eyes, imitating the blind guru of the Kung Fu series, that came weekly on the tube, ‘be like the Beverly flea.’ ‘The Beverly flea’, I asked surprised? ‘Yes, little grasshopper, oooh’ and he rolled his eyes, ‘and pounce on her to test her.’’ What is it about men,’ Don had said who had come with his books under his arm from the staircase.’I  am getting some advice for my date with Beverly’, I laughed.’ Oh, and what might that advice imply,’ asked Don?


‘Richard, thinks that I must jump her bit, oh yes and that I should taste her or something like it..bite her bit, you know.’ ‘Man,’ Don said plaintively, ‘stop it soon she’ll be completely destroyed and stretched out’. ‘What are you talking about’, I cried.’ Oh Grasshopper’, Richard had said, levitating his hands above Don's head, ‘I send you on a mission. A mission in your bare dink.’ ‘Yes,’ Don said? ‘Forty days’ you have to Don, sit with your bare godly dink ...’ ‘Yeah,’ said Don, ‘what should I do with my bare dink.’ the snow of the Himalayas to observe chastity.’ What is Don doing with his bare you know what,’ asked Beverly, who had just heard a snatch while she came walking down. ‘Yes, I don’t understand it myself,’ I said, he wants to sit  40 days with his dick in the snow or something like that, beats me.’ There are better places to sit in, I would imagine,’ laughed Beverly, but I ‘ll explain that to him sometime, quietly one to one’. ‘Oh,’ Don groaned as he staggered away.

It was dark enough and the cars were pointed direction projection wall. A strong beam illuminated the area and was brought into focus. The speaker began to vomit world news. While all kinds bombardements images from Vietnam filled the retina. I pulled Beverly little closer to me, when a gentle cartoon came up, racing figures chasing each other were projected and she moved willingly towards me. There we were, still  pretending that we were going to see a movie. The pretense soon disappeared and we were entwined in an embrace that brought up slowly but surely, steam on the windscreen. Occasionally I started the car with the blower on full and that happened so to see all around us, you’d see a puff of smoke from one or another exhaust pipe. We ended up in the adult world. The main movie began and our hands sought the way and the darkness hid us. After half an hour the break came. ‘Will I get you something to drink,’ I asked. ‘Yes,’ she replied, ‘I would like that.’ She brushed off her face and turned the rearview mirror a little to herself.

‘Bring some popcorn as well,’ she asked? ‘Yes, with or without salt,’ I wanted to know. ‘As you find it nice and tasty,’ she laughed. It took a while before It was my turn, people stood in line for popcorn and soda. Just when the projector put its powerful beam on the wall, I walked back from the kiosk with a huge paper cup of popcorn and two cokes. The paper bucket of popcorn between us and a Coke in hand we looked at the images that meant little to us because we had missed the first half almost. The two rear doors opened and a familiar voice said, ‘I hope that there is butter over the popcorn.’ Don and Richard slid in the backseat. ‘No’, I said. ‘hey, I thought you were in the Himalayas with your servant.’ ‘One big happy family,’ Don said. ‘Not quite,’ I said, but I had to chuckle anyway.


‘After the break, you may enter for free as there is no sound, because that is for the cars but we thought you'd like a little visit from your friends’. ‘Great fun Beverly,’ said, ‘did you worry about me or did you want to protect my honor?’ ‘Both,’ said Don proudly. ‘Then you just came a little too late,’ said Beverly. ‘I was protecting my friend,’ Richard said. ‘You're also slightly late,’ I laughed. ‘Who likes this movie’? It remained silent. I turned it window down and hung the sound box back in place and started the car.’ Where are we going’, asked Beverly?’ ‘To Dairy Queens,’ I said, ‘we’ll have a tasty shake and then we’ll go home, Thanks for a nice evening which was great, until the gentlemen baboons appeared.’

 Richard and Don went to get the milk shakes, ‘we have paid,’ they said. That was the least that you could do, I thought. Moments later we were sitting at a formica table and Beverly gave me a wink. ‘Hey Richard where are we going next week’ and when Richard wanted to answer she let a bit of her vanilla milkshake run from between her lips back into her cup. It was very suggestive and she said, ‘you'll have to make every effort to surpass our evening.’ Richard choked so violently that the shake came almost out of his ears and Don stammered only, ‘Oh man.’ and I knew I was in the company of one of the most sophisticated manipulating women in my life, and I was the only man at our table who knew that nothing had happened ..

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