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The card

It was just straightforward cool. Richard's living room had a couch, a TV stand and a dining table and some chairs. A large bottle of coke was open and great music played from a portable record player. ‘What music is that,’ I asked as I stepped inside. ‘Also good afternoon, laughed Beverly. I recovered immediately with a ‘hi ya all.’ ‘That,’ said Jack Hornly, is Led Zeppelin, ‘with a whole lotta of love.’ ‘Wow that sounds great’, I said. ‘Listen to the text that is even better,’ laughed Beverly.’I am gonna give you my love, every inch of my love ..’My goodness, do they sing,’ I cried, ‘what I think they sing?’  ‘It's a ambiguos in meaning,’ said  Beverly, ‘but yes, ‘they promise that they will give every inch of their love.’ You get it, you dig it,’ laughed Don, ‘every inch in, all the way.’ Then they are quickly doen with you,’ said Richard ‘without being annoying, but the facts do not lie.’ ‘Don,’ I said, ‘you’ll never be normal’..

‘Do you really like the music Don’ asked Beverly? ‘Do you remember what I told you not so long ago.’ ‘What, ‘asked Don, ‘what?’ ‘That you should not talk about things but do them,’ laughed Beverly. ‘Would you give me your love, unconditionally? Every inch of your love?’ Don almost fainted. ’Why Don,’ cried Richard? ‘Because it occupies him so much,’ said Beverly. ‘It keeps me occupied as well, man called Richard out. ‘Don, if you can not talk, take some time out and I’ll speak to our ladylove.’ ‘Every inch, always,’ muttered Don, ‘my love and so forth, every inch’. ‘Oh well you mangle the text up a lot, Beverly said teasingly.’ I'm more for men who know their fixed text about centimeters of love.’ Andrenaline swept through the room while she looked at me defiantly.’ Hey Richard,’ I said, I am here and waved both arms up and down in front of his face and Jack, Poor Jack followed everything agape. The air was electrically charged, this was the moment where even one word would lead to a discharge of that enormous tension? Was everyone going primal? ‘Can I join in,’ Jack asked? ‘No’, said Beverly, ‘you were not baptized in our Bowriver.’

‘Where are my singers,’ teased our ladylove as she stuck her thumbs through two belt loops. ‘I would not know,’ came the voice of Richard's mother in the bedroom, ‘where your singers are, but I am trying to sleep, yeah! The night is soon long enough again. ‘Can you all turn it down a bit?’ ‘Oops,’ Richard said,’ I had completely forgotten her.’ ‘We did not know what she had heard but it would have been a hustle bustle of mixed sounds. Since her divorce, she worked only night shifts. ‘Sorry Mom’, Richard cried, ‘we will simmer down.’ Don said, ‘yes, I would like to give you my love forever.’ ‘That's a very long time,’ smiled Beverly, ‘what do you say for just a few weeks?’ ‘Second,’ Richard shouted and Jack said with a look of disbelief, ‘you are all crazy!’ ‘Come on Jack,’ I said, ‘it was your record. ‘Are you not joining in,’ Beverly asked me, ‘would you want to show me anything?’ I said, ‘actually I would just like to take you to a Drive-in movie and then we'll see how the evening goes. In addition, I can decide if I want you forever or not.’ ‘Wow, that seems nice, big boy.’ ‘Sorry Don, we have put you on the third place.’ ‘Bird Dogs,’ exclaimed Don!! . ‘Shhhtt’, it sounded from the bedroom.


‘I'll see you Saturday night,’ I told Beverly and quietly walked out of the room. All in all it had been nice but the friends would drift apart, Beverly raised enormous tension in the group and she enjoyed doing it. The Pontiac, my vehicle of trust, growled when the key was turned and I felt myself a chosen Tarzan. Moments later my mean machine slipped in place in the alley next to the garage.

My mother was in her easy chair and Betty was in the kitchen and greeted me in passing. The little ones were for a change at the kitchen table coloring a drawing. ‘That’s for Father's day,’ Betsy said ‘you have not forgotten?’ ‘We will put them next to the plate of Big Dan.’ ‘Nice huh, boy,’ said Marion and Letty held something up with many stripes.’ Very nice,’ I agreed and indeed, I had forgotten father’s day but then so much had happened. ‘Well too bad’, I thought, and my thoughts went back out to Beverly while I walked to my mother. I pressed a kiss on her forehead, ‘how was your day mom,’ I asked? ‘Everthing hurts,’ she simply said. ‘Will you do something for me?’ ‘Of course’, I replied. ‘In my drawer is the card for Dad, do you want to get it and lay it beside his plate?’ I will do it right away’ I said and a moment later the card was waiting for my father.


The little ones put their drawings on top and looked at them with pride. Marion arranged the three cards and then said quite satisfied, ‘so that is finished,’ which sounded very mature. I noticed that one place had not been laid out and Betsy saw me watching. ‘Your brother is out with his girlfriend, he felt more comfortable, that way.’ I could picture that. We were just in front of the TV, watching plush animals, when the door opened with a bang and the dog flew yelping under the table. Father was home! I helped my mother to the table and the kids looked expectantly at the drawings, then we all sat down. ‘What have we got here now,’ my father asked? I had the children make a drawing for your father’s day,’ Betsy said with a sweet smile. My father smiled back. ‘Nice,’ he said ‘that's very nice’ and he looked at the tangle of lines that had come out the crayons that had been in cramped little fists. ‘What is this,’ asked my father and he held my mother’s card up. Before I could say anything, Betsy said, ‘he put it there and she pointed at me.’ My mother looked expectant and I thought I'll put it right in a minute, let him first have a look at the card that my mother had picked out with such care.

My father looked at me, ‘this is it boy? You couldn’t find anything better?’ ‘I hate fishing and who's that broad hanging out of the door? Are you trying to be funny.’ He crunched it up and threw it on the ground, ‘bah’, he said, ‘what a nonsense’ My mother cringed and I said, ‘that was Mom's card.’

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