The Canadian years, 72, the German/Canadian club

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The German/ Canadian club

After dessert Hans spoke again and said, ‘I have something very special for you.’ ‘He dug up a small box from his jacket pocket. ‘This was sent to me by my mother, it's the ring that her mother wore when she married my grandfather. You can imagine that ring has been through a lot.’ We nodded. ‘This is her gift to us’ and he looked at my sister. ‘They can not leave the GDR and thus will not be present, my father sends his blessing and my brothers wish us all the best’. My sister opened the box and there was a ring in it which sparkled and was old in a way of rings that were made earlier in simple but elegant style. ‘I can not accept that,’ my sister said. ‘I have not been clear’ said Hans, sorry.’ ‘Please fit it because maybe I should have it altered, it is your wedding ring’. ‘Oh’, said my sister now, ‘what an honor to receive this.’

He slipped it on her finger and she looked extremely happy up to Hans. ‘It fits,’ smiled my sister and it was not out of politeness that she said that, because it indeed fitted like a glove. ‘Now my grandmother is connected to us and we will be very happy, as happy as they have been throughout their lives.’ I thought that was beautiful, a gem from East Germany, which bridged generations, like the grandmother of Hans from the past, reached out to my sister, to witness the further life of her grandson.. He looked around and I saw that he was very emotional.’ I ask it again, formally, ‘Hans spoke, in front of your family.’ Do you want me to share your life, forever?’ ‘Yes,’ my sister said with a tender voice’ and I'll prepare you a good home and I’ll be a loving mother to your children.’ ‘So be it then,’ Hans said, ‘thank you.’ ‘Oh Steven,’ said my mother ‘it has worked out after all.’

‘You don’t have my blessing,’ spoke my father, ‘but that does not matter because you are old enough to marry without my permission. When is the event to take place and what is my contribution to your marriage?’ ‘None,’’ said my sister. ‘Hans pays for what needs to be paid. We will have a simple ceremony before the magistrate. I'm done with the church and reverberating priests.I would like the little ones to be bridesmaid. ‘She looked at the girls, ‘I will make beautiful dresses for you. It is a bit short day since we’ll be married in three weeks and then plan to travel for the honeymoon to Florida. By car, then we can see some of America.’


‘Just a little something’ said my sister, ‘for reasons of clarity. Your parents can not be present, right,’ she asked Hans? ‘Sadly enough, no,’ Hans said. ‘Then my parents are not coming as well,’ said my sister, ‘that's only fair. Only people with a function are welcome.’ She looked at my brother, ‘we need two witnesses. You may be the witness for Hans and you’ and she pulled me to her so that our shoulders met at the table,’you may be the witness to me’. ‘That's settled then,’ said my future brother in law. I will register the wedding tomorrow and then it will be announced at the City Hall. If no one makes legitimate objections within two weeks against our proposed marriage, then we marry end of the month.

‘So I'm not welcome then,’ asked my father?’ My future wife has decided that, Hans replied ‘and I support her.’ ‘You are welcome to a reception and a modest celebration that is meant only for guests. Personal invitees, we do not send cards’. ‘Oh, really,’ my father said, ‘and where should that take place?’ ‘I proforma reserved the German Canadian Club, which seemed more pleasant than a cowboybar,’ laughed Hans. I almost knew for sure that my father would not be present. So many Germans on a clod, was tempting fate.


‘What do we do,’ asked my oldest younger sister? You may carry a basket with flowers and stay close to me and be beautiful and pretty. I will make you look like princesses. ‘Oh, nice,’ Marion said, ‘I can do that’ and the smaller sister repeated that she could do it as well. Now after so many years I still have a photo of Hans in a dark suit, standing upright next to my sister, who looked glamorous and beside her on either side slightly back two sweet  'princess' girls. I am standing next to Hans and my brother must have taken the picture. All parents are missing and the photo radiates a loving earnestness.

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