All Hallows Eve, Murder in Grave IV

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All Hallows Eve, Murder in Grave IV

Back to the beginning? Part I

Occasionally, was Kamatayan distracted by the Halloween decorations hanging from the ceiling. The street was decorated with handcrafted ghosts. Some gardens were decorated with pumpkins. Pomona day was what the Romans called it thousands of years ago. They sacrificed to the gods. The Irish sacrificed to the dead. Now it had become a ridiculous holiday where children dress up in costumes and walking up and down the street. Ringing doorbells asking for candy. Kamatayan was upset by this thought. She felt so deeply connected with death, that she felt she was not taken seriously on this holiday. Kamatayan had terrible dark thoughts! She could not keep hiding it. At some point it would all go wrong! The thought of what she had done, made her want more! Nevertheless, she realized that it was better to keep a low profile. She would not let herself be so easily caught by the police. They would keep an eye on her if she walked along the old quay in Grave tonight. That’s where the crime scene was. They would search for her there. The only thing that was absolute, was that they did not know that she was the one that had caused this commotion.


After work, Kamatayan took a different route home this time. She did not know why exactly, she just had the feeling that she could not go straight home. Something enticed her to do something different than usual. It was nearly dark when she walked out the door of the supermarket. Next week the clock would once again be set back an hour. That gave Kamatayan an even better feeling. She would have even more time in the dark. The urge for a walk in the night started to stir up again. She did not want to give in to it, because she might be seen by the police, who were patrolling on to the quay of the Maas. As she was walking, she realized that it really wasn't such a bad idea to take a different route home. She walked along the Hampoort. Unlike the Maaspoort where she usually liked to walk along the quay, the Hampoort was not next to the river, but alongside the road.


Still, something drew her to the Hampoort. A piece of history haunted her mind. As a born inhabitant, you can not avoid wanting to know more than an outsider about the history of this glorious town. The masters who built it centuries ago held on to the five pillar union almost compulsively. This type of style was also used to build the palace on the dam in Amsterdam. Kamatayan walked through the covered passageway and watched the ridgeless crossed archway. The passageway, which opens on the town side into a hallway, has two turns. It was originally designed as an additional measure of defense. Because of the turns, it was not possible to shoot straight through the gate.


This gave Kamatayan an idea. In the dark it was not impossible to see from the street that someone walked through the gateway. She could strike while she had plenty of space and peace to complete her crime. The fact that the gateway is on the outskirts of town, was as familiar to her as the quay by the river. "Here I could come closer to death." Kamatayan thought to herself. A sinister grin of happiness appeared on her face. She imagined how her next victim would help get her closer to her desire using a knife. Then a question came to her: "How do I lure someone over here? Who would I encounter here?”  For years I walked along the quay, but without coming across a single person, until last night.


Kamatayan enjoyed her journey in the dark. She enjoyed the magnificent structure that was referred to as "Hampoort". At one time soldiers walked through here. Once, this building had served as the entrance to a fortified city wall that protected Grave. The silence that this building brought now, was emphasized even more for Kamatayan when she saw forty bronze bells hang from the archway. They were attached upside down. These bells could never make noise this way! It indicated the silence that prevailed in this archway. That silence in which these bells hung here, gave Kamatayan the calmness and patience to wait. She could wait until the next victim would come. She could wait, silently, and without being noticed. No one had seen her the previous night. No one would see her the next time. She felt safe. Moments later she walked home. She had gotten hungry. She had completely forgotten the time due to fantasizing about her new plans. It was wonderful to be able to look ahead. To look forward to something that would bring her a new "blissful experience". She felt not only hungry to eat, but the hunger for murder was perhaps even greater. She felt as hungry as a vampire, looking for new prey. Kamatayan did not enjoy the bite, but the killing itself. She had a taste and now she wanted to taste it again. Nothing could match that feeling. Nothing could take away that feeling. The fate of Kamatayan was determined! She had become a murderer!


The night that followed was like a punishment for a child with house arrest. Kamatayan could not go outside tonight, so she would have to stay at home. She could only wait for the right moment. She had to be patient and wait for her next kill. Death would have to wait. Kamatayan had difficulty getting to sleep that night. In her thoughts she wandered the quay along the Maas. She watched how the bat took flight again. A bird, unrecognizable in the night, looked at her with big, wide eyes. Kamatayan was seduced to commit the same murder again as the night before. Again, she felt the rough surface of the cold cobblestone in her small hands. She felt the same impulse to strike at the sound of approaching footsteps. Soaked in sweat she woke up in her bed. She looked around. Only the light of the moon made any difference, in her bedroom, in the complete darkness.


Despite the danger she was in, Kamatayan increasingly got the urge to kill again. The following days were the same as the day before. She loathed the cashier. She felt more and more hatred towards her. That kindness, the overdone friendly looks. "Good morning, madam. Would you like supermarket stamps? Would you like to charge or pay cash?" And then the ringing of the bell, constantly asking Kamatayan to go weigh products for her, disgusting! The hatred in Kamatayan's body grew into a state of anguish, great excitement, incoherent thinking! This unexpected feeling appeared suddenly in her body, that she felt one with death itself. She got the urge to grab a weapon again and kill everyone nearby. She fantasized scenarios in her mind how she was going to rob the cashier of her life. With this thought, she walked around the supermarket with a smirk on her face for the rest of the day.

To be continued…            Part V

Translated from Dutch to English with permission of stormerwout

Translated by Niki (aka Made in America)


Made in Amerika

All Hallows Eve, Murder in Grave

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