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Darwin and Morphine

Mister Everingham, looked satisfied around himself.’ You can believe in a creation,’ he said, ‘but that in my opinion should be more a symbolic metaphorical story that tries to be explanatory in nature.’ ‘Darwin's theory at this time is irrefutable when you see the ongoing battle between the species. The evolution equips its mechanisms with survival mechanisms, Those who are better equipped, survive. Are there any questions or comments?’ A boy raised his hand. ‘Mister Everingham sir, if I may.’ 'Yeah,off course, young man,’ spoke mister Everingham, ‘take it away.’ ‘The earth,’ the boy spoke slowly, giving his words weight, ‘was created in six days and is only 6000 years old. I wanted to inform you as well that God rested on the 7th day and saw that all was good.

‘We are still in the 7th day,’ said mister Everingham ‘and God is still resting still and over looking developments, put into effect by his hand. Because one day for God will be like 1000 years  in a human life.’ ‘What do you mean,’ the boy asked, it sounded hostile. ‘Honor your parents, said mister Everingham, your  question should have been formulated: ‘what do you mean mister Everingham, sir.’ ‘I will let that go, for now, because I sense that you want to defend something that needs no defense.’

‘ Please see the Bible in perspective in your life, the Bible was written with good intentions. I see no contradiction between Darwin and the Bible. I see it as one line. If you want to call the controlling power in nature, which equips the types of survival mechanisms, God, then I have no problem with that. When I look at fossils that are millions of years old then I refute the literal 6000 years that you just mentioned.’ ‘Mister Everingham, sir?’ ‘Look, that's better, you honor me in the preamble, what do you want to add, boy,’ mister Everingham looked serious. ‘That you are mistaken, sir.’ The boy looked at our biology master with sparkling eyes. ‘God has created the world in six days and the earth, after counting the generations in the Bible, his holy word, is only 6000 years old!’


‘Right,’ said mister Everingham,’ and cows give milk.’ ‘Hey,’ said the boy? ‘I mean, everyone knows that cows produce milk, but not all cows give milk, just those that have calved and have nursed their calves. It depends on your vision and the snapshot you take, in looking at matters. It is of no importance what I believe or what you believe, more important is that you let proven truths penetrate. This is a pointless discussion which I do not want to enter into,’ he said. ‘Whether it was 6 days or 6 time periods, is just not the question. Next year you'll hopefully graduate, the departemental written exams are corrected elsewhere by people who do not know you. It is wise to repeat what you know about the beans of "Gregor Mendel. Because that shows the genetic and hereditary characteristics properly. It is also wise to pay close attention to Darwin's theory, theory, mind you, because that is what it is, until something better comes along. If that brings you into a conflict of conscience, you can write on top of your exam paper; "I believe in creation and the Bible, but there are several theories, such as the one of Darwin, which I will now describe .. '

‘The Bible is not a theory,’ the boy said stubbornly. ‘Thank you for your contribution, which I have noted with interest,’ said mister Everingham. ‘Are there no Bible-oriented issues that have to do with biology, that want answering?’ I raised my hand.’ Young Daniel,’ spoke mister Everingham, enlighten us with your questions.’ ‘Sir, I said, ‘does a combination of alcohol and morphine, have a  bad effect on the human system?’ ‘Is the earth is round,’ he replied with a smile. ‘Sir, I have worded my question wrong, can you tell me what the combination of alcohol and morphine say, brings about in a body. He looked earnestly around the classroom.


‘Alcohol is a poison,’ he began. ‘The family of drugs that have an ending in- ine, affect the body, numbing or excitinging it. Morphine is a derivative of opium and highly addictive. It affects the nervous system. A combination of alcohol and derivatives of the -ine family, strengthens the attack on the nervous system. Morphine and alcohol as a mixture, almost certainly leads on the longer term, if not immediately, to a fatal outcome. The breathing slows down and the heart rate lowers itself caused by the involuntary muscles, which allow us to breathe automatically. At higher doses, the combination paralyzes muscles and the user dies.’

‘In weaker doses’ and he looked around the class room, ‘moisture runs from the nasal cavity into the lungs and "drowns" someone. The clearing, of a nostril, which alternates, one and then the other, throughout the day, which is a reflex relic of evolution from when we were still reptile like in nature, then stops working and mucus that normally enters the stomach, disappears in the lungs. The blood level is influenced by the fact that breathing is slowed down, so that less oxygen enters the blood. Putting people on oxygen administration, which is the beginning of the end.’

‘It is useless to say that you should not start with alcohol, because eventually everyone does that, such is our society. Remember my words when you're on the alcohol and you might consider taking drugs from someone. For the rest, young folk, before the bell rings, a good advice, keep those nostrils cleared. The bell rang and I walked away from the classroom with a heavy feeling. Mr. Everingham, called me back, ‘someone you know’, he asked? ‘Yes sir. ‘If it concerns family, talk with your doctor.’ That was an eye-opener, of course, I could do that! ‘Thank you, sir, I will. Mister Everingham, sir?’ ‘Yeah boy,’ he said. ‘Is there something like cancer in your leg?’ ‘No,’ he said, ‘bone cancer, however, does exist and because you also have bones in your leg, you would definitely notice that.’ ‘Is that what you wanted to know,’ he continued as we walked together to the door? ‘Yes and no,’ I said, ‘it is clear to me, thank you’ and I walked out to join my friends.


‘Keep clearing those nostrils, Don,’ said Beverly, otherwise your brains will sink in your lungs or something to the same effect.’ ‘No,’ Richard said, ‘that was about snot. ‘Exactly what I said,’ laughed our virgin, keep clearing Don, I think your brains have sunk down already. ‘You have blown yours out,  I reckon,’ Don said.’ Oh oh Don,’ I said, ‘that  is no way to speak to our Bev.’ ‘No, we can’t have that,’ said  Richard, ‘she is one of the boys,’ by the way Don, wipe your nose.’ It was wonderful to be back in the group of friends and simply walk. ‘What are you doing this Saturday,’ asked Richard? ‘Nothing,’ I said and the others nodded that they had nothing planned as well. ‘If we’d have wheels than I’d know something fun but then you have to wait until tomorrow, because I do not know if I can get what I need.’ ‘Oh,’ said Bev, ‘you're making us very curious.’ ‘Do you have a bikini Bev,’ asked Richard?’ Whatever it is,’ cried Don, ‘I'll come’, before Bev could respond and laughing the day away we walked to the cafeteria.

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