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Door Chippies gepubliceerd op Wednesday 21 January 10:25

I have this crush for filters... 

I love my simple iphone 6 filters... Especially instant (gives a purple glow) and proces (gives a blue glow) To add on these good filters I found pomelo... 

Pomelo filter app makes out of this...

BMW filter... 

10250035_10206037019913829_2818938275241 10945030_10206064282075366_8567331215535

vintage filter

10926436_10206064284355423_8742726045809 10384654_10206064310316072_2416608169196

Film filter

10350608_10205878654594795_6182992139609 10897004_10206064311156093_1795206724850


Pomelo also has pola and lomo filters for free... Each of these 5 filter categories has about 9 other filters... lots of filters and for free! To make all your photo's prettier!

If you need even more filters, you can buy more on pomelo.

I l;ove pomelo


Here you can find the free app:


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