And the door closed:

Door Candice gepubliceerd op Saturday 27 December 22:27


And the door closed

when time ran out

and smoke came in

to enter my mind

with angry feelings

to hurt my thinking

with satanic thoughts

to destroy my eyesight

with hammering shouting

to get my soul

with unbeatable strenght.


I couldn't resist it

but i did

i couldn't win

but i won

I was helpless

but i fought.


The door opened

smoke left

i stayed.



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Do it ... Stay

Togheter we're strong

ijzersterk. Prachtig!
Dank je.
Good girl. Amazing poem.
Thank you.
You're great!
Dank je.
Dank je.
heel mooi!

psssttt, het is: strength (denk ik)
Dank je. Ja, zie het -))
Dank je.