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All around me
Nothing to hear, nothing to see
Kneeled in the middle of the room
Like a wild flower waiting to bloom
Hands folded in my lap, resting on my thighs
Looking down at the ground, smiling, slightly rolling my eyes
The heart that is pounding in my chest
Breathing, uncontrollable fast

A squeak coming from a door
Peeking up, footsteps entering, getting closer on the floor
The room, fills itself up with this powerful scent
This... this alone, already a seductive torment
Looking down, gracefully
Waiting for what will come, waiting patiently
No words, just breathing
No sounds, just hearts beating

In my front, coming down to his knees
He likes what is his, he likes what he sees
My face, softly touched by strong fingers
Reaching slowly for my hair that lingers
Suddenly pulling me back firmly, demanding eye contact
My body shivers, immediately react
Eyes, filled with flames, burning like fire
His sharp gaze awakens the desire

Just one look, he takes possession
From that point on, becomes an obsession
Staring in my eyes, words unspoken
An enchanting spell which can't be broken
Trembling hands being brought to my back
It's holding me in place, then everything becomes black
Thoughts supplanted with tones, a mysterious melody
Astonishment and excitement took me by surprise, tremendously

Not Knowing
Feeling my anticipation growing
His touches are deadly
Marking my body, his belonging
Gentle kisses alternately rough strings, no warning
Tears are burning between pleasure and pain
He's building me up with this continuous strain

The melody, broken by his stern voice
"Baby Girl, have you left me any choice?"
Intensely feeling, his discerning question
Insurrectional as i would be, it was not a suggestion 
Stillness while he waits
considering on taking the baits
Not able to hold back, he gives in to his frustrations
A hand sliding up my leg and between my thighs, i'm feeling his 

The melody back into my mind
My long hair, wrapped around his fingers entwined
The first touch already breaks me to pieces
He knows exactly what a single stroke releases
Gasping for air, pushing me further, closer to the edge
Inside of me, forcing to remind me of my pledge
Almost there, a little bit more for reaching my tops
My body, not far from collapsing, but than... he stops more...
Roughly upon my feet, pushes my back against the wall
Within seconds, me in his shameless thrall
"Well, little girl, let's see how much you can take"
With that, full attention and wide awake
feeling him, hearing him, not knowing what to expect
His toy to play with, his precious little subject
He's making me angry, he's making me so mad
He's making me want it, longing for it so bad

Silence...within my head...
He brings me to a higher level, he brings me to... Me
He lets me see who i am, and who i want to be
Tapping right there, it felt like an electric impact
Knowing what he did, he knew it like an accomplished fact
Lightning through my core, the mind becomes paralyzed
Doing what he needed to do, to have it clarified
He restrained me, fills me up with what i need
He lets me scream, groan, cry, he lets me plead

Tears are flowing right through the submissive spot
He redeems me and gives everything he's got
kissing the marks he left behind
releasing the darkness which made me blind
whispers in my ear:
"That's my girl, 
that's my princess, 
let me find you within your soul,  
i'll love you, protect you, 
treat you as my most valuable treasure, 
Just give all of yourself to me, 
so i can set you free!"

Written by

His Little Girl


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