Door Eggy gepubliceerd op Friday 12 December 20:20

I can feel the joy,

when I look into my children's  eyes,

it's not always that expensive toy!

but knowing that they love you without getting a surprise,



The world is so material

It's all about the money,

but every person is so special,

why don't people get the point,that's so funny!


why do people fight and argue so much?

life is such a short chapter in a lifetime.

whe need a little bit more human touch,

not always that pain and strife.


but in times of trouble there are a few who keeps you going,

they are called real friends!

it's so good that you are knowing

that your lifepath does'nt always have negative ends!


whe are only people,so we make mistakes,

not always meant so,

but then whe causes heartaches,

most of all whe don't know,how to show,

our regrets.

we have also our own little secrets,

but we have to forgive,

everybody chooses the way they live,

some people don't get along

then leave out that sharp tongue.

and lead the way you life separately

without commentary!!

then a lot of people would live whithout stress,

that would be a serieus bless!

people have so much to learn,

so don't let bridges burn!


I appreciate the people who still love me ,

after i'm being only,JUST ME    :-)




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