The Canadian years, 26 the schoolbully

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Archie's apprentice

That morning at school ,I was walking with a small entourage of two friends, direction girls, I was looking for Shelly. She looked up and the rest listened in, a little bit giggly. ’Hi sugar lips,’ she said, teasingly, with its almost imperceptible French accent that hovered in the background through her words. It made ‘lips’ sound like 'Leeps. ’Hi Honeypie,’ I said, and it must have sounded a little Texan, 'I came to to see if our date is still 'on’  ‘Yes, of course,’ she replied, when are you picking me up?’  ‘Friday’, I said, ‘around 7 am, I am coming  with the Mustang and will honk the horn in front of your place.’ ‘No, said Shelly, ‘that will not do. You are coming to the door, my parents always want to meet my date.' 'Where are we going,' she asked?’ ‘That will be a surprise, that you will not soon forget.’ ‘Boy,’ she said, ‘you make me very curious’ and she turned her back to me to find her books and to show that our interview was terminated. ‘Alright Honey bun,’ I laughed and I tried to let it sound a bit like Clint Eastwood would have said it .’7 pm, sharp, honey at  your door .. I just had  arranged the first date  in my life.

My friends and I wandered seemingly nonchalant away, and when I was almost at the classroom door, there was a hoarse, angry voice behind me. ‘This is the day you die, you bloody poofter’. I knew who it was and with a jumping step I walked as dignified as possible into the classroom. This was one of the two weekly classes where Ben Good and I both met. The teacher who was Polish Canadian and tried to teach us German, looked at me quizzically. I nodded and said’ good morning, Mr. Charnetsy, sir’. He nodded kindly back.

‘Alright,’ said Mr. Charnetsy, ‘I ordered new books.’ He held up a yellow book of average thickness. It's called ‘lesen und schreiben' and you will find it a very interesting book. I need someone with muscle to pick them up. The books are at the caretaker’s, I will call ahead to announce your coming, Ben, he said, you look quite strong. On your own those are quite a lot of books, who would you want as an assistant carrier?’ Everyone knew who would be chosen, me! This was Ben's chance to beat me up and confirm his position. ‘Mr. Charnetsy sir’, Ben said  hypocritically, ‘I would like to use the help of my good friend, young Daniel.’’ Okay, young Daniel, it is.’ Hop to it guys, do not dawdle, Young Daniel, follow the leader’. I was reminded of the book by Ernest Hemingway, ‘For Whom the Bell Tolls,’  it would not be a death bell in my case, but it was sounding for me sure enough. The boys in the class looked at each other with a meaningful look. I walked out with a neutral smile to meet my fate.


Ben and I walked towards the large staircase. We were passing the boys toilets, when he said,’ in here big boy, here I will lay you down’. I weighed my chances, I did not want to end up next to the urinals but if I did not follow him, he’d probably kick me down the long stairs. ‘You’ll go with your head in the pot,’ I said,’ and then I’ll piss on you.’ He looked unsure, I have to admit that you have balls or are incredibly stupid,’ he growled. ‘You're the one who is stupid,’ I said ‘and you stink of dead dog ..’ I concentrated, I thought of the boxing lessons from Mr. Gadjull in Libya,’ search the window,’ if you see it, hit it,’ he would have said, ‘the window that appears and disappears, and which ensures that there is connection’. Ben' s arms were shorter than mine, I suddenly did not feel scared anymore. My reach was longer. I moved into Archie Stamper. I was Archie and Ben did not know it yet, but he had a serious problem, I was the stamper, I had my cowboy boots on and I would make short work of our nasty friend.

At that moment a great blow struck my nose and blood splattered all over the place. It cracked somewhere in the top of my nose and tears splashed into my eyes as a response to the sudden sharp pain. I was Archie Stamper and I went after him, from what I had seen on TV. I did not  back down but I went for Ben. I got within his range and a second blow was struck. I raised my fist and Ben's eyes now fixated on my fist. I was Archie Stamper. I stepped back, and then he followed me automatically forward, I kicked him in this no man’s land of  survival, hard with my boot in his gut. He flopped forward and I caught him with my right fist, which destructive’s path found and closed his eye. I shrank back, nearly collapsing from the pain in the knuckles of my striking hand. His head flopped back, like a dummies neck and he hit his head against the wall. He looked at me with a puzzled expression. He slid away. He moved his head left and right in a slow circular motion. I raised my hand and kicked him hard in his belly. It was actually easy what Archie did. You simply had to choose just the right moment.


I have to give him credit, he did not flinch away. He flopped forward again. This time I did an Archie. I let my elbow come down hard between his shoulder blades. He moaned his breath out and I grabbed him by his hair and hit his head on the edge of the toiletbowl. His teeth were now through his lip. To be sure, I gave him, not out of malice, but for safety reasons, a kick in his loins. I belted him a few times with my knee in his stomach. Ben had arrived in the land of the singing feathered friends. I tried to drag him to the toilet, but he did not budge, he had a massive weight. I got him in front of the pot, but could not get his head in the pot, which I had promised him.  I flushed and stuck my hand in the stream of water and I splashed him soaking wet. Water dripped from his hair, he was soaked and so was his shirt after I flushed the toilet another time. He came back around and I gave him a slap right with the flat of my hand in his face, which sounded weird on his wet skin.

‘Uncle’, he cried, uncle. The typical Canadian parlance to indicate that you acknowledge a superior. I gave him a slap.’ Uncle’, he cried again, ‘no more hitting, uncle’. ‘Wanna shake hands,’ I said? With which at that time of school honor, a  conflict would end. ‘I said Uncle,’he sobbed.’’ I like to hear uncle uncle pretty please’, I said and he repeated it. He looked frightened and right out humiliated. My knuckles were skinned and one was bleeding, my nose hurt the most of all. Ben's eye was now closed. Hij shook my hand and said, ‘no hard feelings’.’ Ok’, I replied. Then he asked stuffy,’ have you peed on my head?’ ‘Twice,’ I said, ‘I've tried to flush you through. But you’re stinking head did not fit into the pot.


We came into the classroom with a large pile of books each. ‘What happened to you guys,’ asked Mr. Charnetsy, sternly. ‘Ben looked like a returned survivor from battle. ‘I slipped mr Charnetsy, sir, on the stairs and young Daniel tried to catch me’ ‘That's good of young Daniel’, Mr. Carnetsy said with a fine smile, while he probably was with his head back in his own school days. '  'lassen sie uns mit dem unterricht  beginnen,’said Mr. Charnetsy and smile betrayed a inward chuckle.’ Can I talk to you,’ our German teacher asked me at the end of the lesson. ‘Mr Charnetsy, sir’, I looked at him quizzically? ‘Is Ben giving you a tough time, young Daniel,’ he asked in a  serious tone? ’Not  anymore, sir’, I replied. ‘NoI can well imagine,’ he grinned, ‘oh yeah, where is that water tap near the stairs young Daniel?’ ‘No, Mr. Charnertsy, sir, we got him a little washed up in the washroom.’ ‘You're a good man, young Daniel, make sure that the blood stains are gone will you, the cleaners have enough to do.’ ‘yes mr Charnetsy, sir,’ I said. Let  me see your hand,’ he said.’Hmm, you've caught him in his eye, I see, trying to catch him. Well good attempt, I say’ and he left the room.

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