Where do Dutch people stay on their holiday and how are the Dutch people anyway?

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Where do the Dutch stay on their holiday

and how are the Dutch people



Of course many people prefer themselves for a long trip especially a holiday trip. Where are we going to stay, what will our destination be. Before you can book you’re destination you have to decide what your accommodation will be, is it a hotel, a guesthouse, a villa or a hostel. Hostels are often cheaper then hotels.

Crisis or no crisis people still go on their holiday especially the Dutch people. Even in times of crisis the Dutch won´t give up their holiday with accommodation an food.  The most chosen destinations are Germany, France, Turkey, Portugal. The Dutch are famous for travelling with their car, kids in the back of the car, even the dog goes with, traffic jams don´t matter they are looking forward to their vacation. The most Dutch people travel towards the sunny south because the weather in The Netherlands is bad. We have our sunny days but too less that’s why we need the sun for our health and relaxation.

What also is particular Dutch is that we take our peanut butter and hagelslag Dutch cheese and take it everywhere we go especially on vacation. We make many trips during the year and we the Dutch people know that we are famous for our length, our blond hair, our blue eyes, our soberness, we are directly and open minded.  We want to at least travel there time a year, if it´s financially possible. Each time we spend about eight hundred euro’s on one vacation pro person en if its possible we want cheap flights to Italy, Spain, Greece or Egypt.

We will search the internet and travel agency’s to get the lowest rates and discounts and compare different prices from airports.  The Dutch travel by car, by bus, train, airplane  and we stay in hotels, camping´s, flats and other holiday environment.

The Dutch are very recognizable, they wear plaid blouses with short sleeves or colorful tunica. The Dutch man and woman wear hip bags and they wear comfortable swimwear that isn’t fashionable. The Dutch man with their sandals and socks and the fleece sweater they wear when the evening gets cooler. The Bermuda trousers and woman with sleeveless shirts even when they eighty years old.  The Dutch like to travel and are well loves by many foreign countries, they are friendly and have other good behavior.

This is typical Dutch:


  • Maybe the biggest difference in cultures is the fact that the Dutch don’t appreciate it if people visit them unexpectedly.
  • The worst thing you can do is stop by, uninvited, at dinnertime.
  • Tolerance is not only a virtue, it is a civic duty
  • found one thing that the Dutch and Spanish have in common. They both treat their children as if they are royalty.
  • The Dutch don´t like spontaneous conversations that’s why they so bored all the time
  • Doe maar gewoon, dan doe je al gek genoeg…….  Be normal you´re crazy enough as you are
  • The Ditch love sprinkles on their toast and bread and they take it with them on vacation
  • They eat one hot meal a day
  • The Dutch will speak English, some of them German and some of them even French
  • The Dutch people hate their rain, they are walking with umbrella’s all the time and that’s why they seek for the sun on their holiday
  • The Dutch love their bicycles and the bicycles go with them to France or Germany or Belgium
  • They are not big potheads not everybody is smoking pot over there.
  • The Netherlands are voted to be the most unfriendly country but please come and have a cup of coffee at my place I will insure you that’s not the case

The Dutch people go by many names, abrupt, bad mannered, direct, crude, open, impolite, ignorant, plain, the Dutch culture is a culture you need to understand before you judge. Living in The Netherlands is not easy although it seems that way. The little country with the tulips, cheese and windmills has a lot to hide. The Dutch are welcoming people, are very friendly and will invite foreigners in their home even if it’s just for a cup of coffee or a place to sleep.


The Dutch travel with their trunks full of toilet paper, sleeping bags, potatoes, hagelslag en drop. It´s holiday time and we will have some fun. We need a caravan, a tent, a hotel or a hostel, we don´t mind, as long as we can lay in the sun and have some fun. Often you see all the Dutch Chickens on the road, the caravans fully loaded with Dutch stuff.

It´s now winter time but even in winter we go on skiing trips or seek for the sun.

Watch out for the Dutch because they are fun to be with, very friendly people, we like to have a good time in any country we visit



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Thanks Mister van der Bijl
Good typical Dutch information!