Buy Gateway 3Ds for Nintendo 3DS 9.2.0-20

Door Arturotillo gepubliceerd op Tuesday 02 December 10:32

Gateway 3DS is the first flashcart which can play 3DS games in the world. It can support all 3DS roms from any region. Besides, it will support New 3DS,3DS 9.2.0-20 soon. Just two days ago that the gateway 3ds team announced a video proves that gateway 3ds card can run on the new Nintendo 3ds console with native 9.2.0-20 firmware.

So from this situation, we can see that gateway 3ds card has Dev Menu, homebrew support, region-free and without 10 games limit, when it releases the new software update, it is definitely a better choice than SKY3DS and the clones for now.

If you are in the market for flashcart which used to playing 3ds roms, then suggest you to wait for the actual gateway 3ds update release before buying any 3DS Flash card especially the ones with 10 games limit.

You can also  keep or 3ds at v4.1-4.5 verison,  or update it to the 9.2 verison, then buy gateway 3ds. When the update is out, you can use it directly. Just in case the gateway 3ds will rise in price later.


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