The Canadian years,21, Archie the Stomper

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Cowboy fights

Just before I got to the main entrance at school I got a hefty push in my back, which almost made me tumble over.’ Do not look back’, said my friend who had joined me, ‘that is the school bully, sooner or later you would have run into him, as you are, like, the new kid in town. I followed his advice and walked through the portals of wisdom within. The hunting grounds were behind me. ‘Who was it’, I asked, when I climbed the stairs, ‘That said,’ Rick, ‘was Ben Good, he doesn’t comply with his name.’ I had 2 courses with him, it was a big older boy with a head full of pimples. The other subjects, he followed at a lower level. How did the school bullies always pick me out? ‘Look, ‘ Rick said, ‘it is not difficult, he does not have many advantages in life, he is not one of the smartest but because he is a bit older and just about the strongest in the lower years, he calls the shots. ‘Yes,’ I said, ‘and what has that got to do with me?’ ‘His girlfriend likes you,’ said Rick..’ Who is his girlfriend,’ I was stunned, ‘I've only been here a few months?’ ‘That is Shelly, the girl who came a few weeks ago from the East’. She did have a French accent, but that sounded funny and not disturbing.

Oh, she seems to have said that ‘new kids ought to stick together.’’ I understand that,’ I said, ‘you should really support each other if you are new.’ ‘Yes, but she pointed at you and turned her eyes up and licked her lips and the girls around her got all very giggly.’ ‘That was conveyed to our old friend, Ben the 'Stomper.’ The who’, I asked perplexed. ‘Yes, he wants to be like ‘Archie Gouldie the Stomper '.  ‘Who in heaven’s name is this ‘Archie the Stomper’, I asked now, I was being flooded in the early morning with lots of information. ‘Do you ever watch TV,’ Rick wanted to know, ‘on Saturday, man, you can see him pitch, he stomps’. ‘What,’ I wanted to know? ‘Well people of course, he stomps them completely rotten’. He looked sideways at me, ‘you do not know what I'm talking about, huh?’ ‘No, ‘I answered truthfully. ‘Catch as catch can,’ ‘he said, ‘ watch it, a kind of free fight, no rules, you can not take a knife or gun but otherwise, pretty well  anything goes. It is something left over from the pioneer’s time of 100 years go. Every Saturday they fight or  defend prize money up to $ 1,000. Which is set up by the sponsors that recuperate the money twice over, with ticket sales.


I now became interested, thousand dollars was a fortune, you bought a new American car for $ 2,000 and a man's salary was $ 400 a month. ‘Who defends the prize money,’ I wanted to know ‘and who challenges him.’ ‘Archie the Stomper, has been defending it for years, he has never lost.’ ‘The cowboys that come from outside town to drink, might  venture a fight and challenge him, because if they win, they go home with $ 1,000 and if they lose they will be carried away by their friends. If you win, the winner is the defender and then can be challenged every Saturday evening.’ ‘Can you just go’, I wanted to know? ‘Oh’, my friend said, ‘yes, but why should you, it is broadcast by TV Calgary’, so that too forms another another pot of sponsor money. It's big business man.’ I had learned a lot again. I came to locker 535 and secured my books from the day before and picked up the books of the emerging new day. ‘Holy shit,’ I realized,’ that 'Archie the Stomper' earned years $ 4000 per month.

‘Hey,’ sounded a scornful voice behind me, ‘there is the new boy who loves French Pussies.’ I did not turn around, I knew who it was.’ I can smell you without seeing you’, I replied. I would have been massacred, if not two teachers had come walking past on their way to class, chattering. I clicked my safe lock shut and walked along in their wake. ‘Think of yourself as dead meat’, the voice sounded behind me. I turned half around and replied, ‘consider yourself as the local moron’. There was a snorting sound behind me. Rick walked away from me, ’I do not know you man,’ he said, ‘I do not like to be pounded to death.’ I intended to watch on Saturday  Archie the Stomper and his specialties, because I feared that his worshipper, Young Ben, would like to copy him, on me.


Shelly was in at were the slow retards sat, as Mr. Wall, sir, called them. ‘Hi sugar lips,’a’ she said when I walked past loudly enough so that half the class could hear it. ‘G'mornin'honey pie,’ I said and winked. ‘Oh, he is so cute,’ she said to a girl next to her. ‘Young Daniel,’ sounded the sarcastic edged voice from behind the pulpit, ‘when you are finished with the greeting of your Honeypie, would you be so kind to sit down’. It was in me to have made myself immortal by replying: ‘alright, sugar lips Mr. Wall,’ but I would have been beaten to death with his cane, before the last laughter would have died away. My reputation would be preserved in anecdotes, however the spirit of that was the year, that the caningmaster whipped a student to death ..

However, I chose the neutral; 'excuse me Sir, Mr. Wall,’ and I gave him a respectful nod and walked to my place. As I sat, he looked at me approvingly, I had made the right choice.

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