The most inspiring movie babies! Shows where babies live happiest!

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images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTCeulIrKrPNrdj7mH_kc4Babies a must see for all! 

Fun for children, pregnant mothers, also fun for fathers, and good for any human. To see we really indeed are all alike. 


This movie shows how all humans are equal. 

All children grow up with the exact same patterns in developement. Every human is the same...


images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTi6Avt_PBpn7K-3s69ymEThe only thing thats different? Our environments. 

  • Weather, climate (so one baby is wrapped up in blankets, others are wearing red selfmade creams to be protected against sunbeams. 
  • Sort of grounds we live on. Dessert, grassland etc. All babies start to use senses. All babies tipically suck on things. One on the toys (American, western baby) One on the grass and the goats he can play with all day (mongolian baby) One on the sand (African baby). But all have tasted water. As all humans need water. But some have a little bucket to play with the water, and mostly drink only milk of the mother and the cows. Other babies are even licked clean by the mother her mouth, cause water is spare, but can drink sometimes water from the drinking place, a little stream nearby. Where the children also can crawl and play in. Some drink bottled ( the western babies) But these last babies, especially american, and European babies are equal to that, hardly know what babanas are, and eat that with a bit of trouble. As if its a unique thing. While its natural and simply fruit, something we need all day. 
  • Sort of household. Same parental influences. Mothers and fathers, and siblings always around. All have a cat. One has a dog. But one has also goats and other farm live animals around. Like a roaster. the cat by the way seemed in Mongolia bigger, and more a domestic cat from an earlier type with more DNA of a wild animal. Our western cats seem smaller. The Africans had a cute puppy.  Their animals around are all wild. And the milk is coming only from the mother. They live most natural. They do have a little house. The Mongolians had a little bigger tenthouse. And the western lived in flatappartments or urbanized. As most people in western countries do live alike. (Our "graslands, hold least people, our urbanized cities, with flatappartments, the most.)


images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQ3iUcxGwLSGsnT192RaYrAll the rest is the same!

All children have same hobbies. Dancing, playing an instrument, playing with pets, playing with siblings. All developed the same, watching the world upside down is the most tipical moment in the movie, that every parent can recognize, as yes my child that too! No matter where you live. So most is the same.


But the things in the houses of the most western people. We have machines.

Our kids look more shocked. Surprised too, and need most adjustments. You can see these reactions in the eyes, and the facial expressions of our children. It was stunning how other children just live around the world. And ours constant need to adjust. Adjust to the cold iron scale. Even the doctor is looked surprised at, like "who is this stranger"? The banana looks as odd to our children as the vaccuum cleaner that comes to distract us from playing... The Japanese world of technique and computers seems almost the same as our most western world. But the children have more trees, and parcs around. A bit less toys, then the extreme of toys in the most western world.


images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSJtSIbD1mIF-YvdR9Q9ZbThese toys differences are a huge note. 

Our children fall, because of them. Little kiddy cars. cycles etc. You can see in this movie the most western baby falling from a kiddy ride, right into the sand... But the children in the other countries fall more rare or not at all. The parents dont even have to be afraid about the animals around. The children play in the middle of nature, cows and goats. Or in the middle of a sandy atmosphere. And are always with a parent, sibling or aunty. On top of a mother. Or walking along with a mother.


Another huge note. We push are babies most in hobbies. Hobby time is in western culture not free time. 

We must move alike, we must roll a certain way etc. We must so much here.

Other children around the world live least stressfull. And simply live. They laugh a lot with the mother. Simply play games with the mommy. Or find something else to play. all play with the cats tail. All children want the same amount of space, to run around, and just play. While our children see therapists and "play". It was shocking to see, that we have the least happy live. We create a happiness. But it isnt fully natural. It was even to laugh at, that the most western parents sang an African song to pretend to be more natural then other westerns. It was an atmosphere of we are better then many, we do read the books of parenting and we go naked with our child in the pool in our backyard... I felt like come on... 


images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRGul3x_NLuMm08tib7fYbMy kids saw this movie too and concluded, can we move to there? 

I feel so free my son said. I feel as free as them. And ran around and was happy seeing them play on the grass and sand. He is 9 and had just finished building a hut in the forest. (We live in such western grassland erea's, were not all people of the country live. Least of our country live here) My daughter wanted a plane to Africa or Mongolia. She is 7 and the children looked happier to her either. Se wanted that same freedom.

I conclude the same. Can we please fix our colds, so we all can also have such outdoor lives. Not fully camplive. I love my bed and privacy. But indeed this fun of really living! I would love that too. (I do have to note. We are camping types and travellers... It must be in the blood.) But we all three were so happy after seeing this movie. I had to tell you about this movie. Please see for yourself, how you can be more happy. Where would you be happiest! This was defenit one of the prettiest and most inspiring movies of my life! 


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also available on Netflix. 

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