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Frances_Densmore_recording_Mountain_ChieEtic vs emic -> but always must be simply sophisticated...

We can handle situations (phon)eticly... with an etic approach. 

Means we treat people with analyses from a person not within the cultural group we study and or treat... We deal with a problem by using a book, an international book, with explanations about diseases and plans to treat such situation. Like a medical doctor would use a book about diseases. 

Phonetic is notated... something like a symbolics that are written down. So etic comes from this word phonetics and is all about using what has been written down internationally about this disease or problem. 


We can handle a situation (phon)emicly... with an  emic aproach.

Means we treat people with people that are within the culture we want to treat. With local ideas. 


images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSH7rAWIeHND9QHAXJ__VJBut it should be always sophisticated no matter what. To give best. 

Sometimes a group is more sophisticated then others. Then you would like to use the local ideas. Or what locals do, simply fit well enough, that you want to use their approaches. All is about using the best for the people. The people already work with good things. Works for the locals better then what others have available in the world.

Perhaps their own work, simply needs a chance in the future to spread the word, so all people in the world can use all these great idea's as well. To make them notated, and to become also a source for all.

We all like to be treaten the best, but sometimes international books aren't just "behind", or not good enough for locals. Sometimes they are better to use. Sometimes people need to use the big back up on how to treat people rather then their own ideas.

The international books, are a collection of till so far tested, and internationally found as the best idea's to use in life...


Our main goal is to get all sophisticated ideas in the international books.

So all people are always treated best. No matter where you live. Or how inventive people around you are. 

  • Then simply we all need acces to these books. 
  • And all need changes to fill spots in the books, that are empty... New solutions must be added to keep the books work for us on a highest level. 
  • And all need a change to resee things, to make things better... to restudy... so all will be constantly improved. 
  • And we must let the local who sometimes can be smarter then many, be able to study and continue their work... So they can leave their knowledge behind in the international book...


We need both ways.. emic and etic. To improve lives best.

Local sources and ideas can be more fitting. It can be an exciting way to approach people. But it can also be a down fall if people arent smart enough, or couldn't study the problems they are facing. Like Ebola is and studied inside the main area it strikes. And is studied outside that region. To find the answers to this huge problem and in the fastest way. The more people study and local and international the faster things will be solved. The best ideas, found locally or internationally will be the leading idea in future problems like these. It's best we dont exclude any approach etic or emic. But find the best one. 


images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRJxdPqpS3c8BH_A_sjn1SHow to know what to use? It simply works this way...

We are connected. Some groups better then others. We can only make better connections to all. And let all people get to the best books, but also let them all study themselves, so smarter ideas can be added. For any one else who is in the middle, not able to be smartest, or not able to have all books around. To at least attemp to do best and attemp to find best books. To continuously create more wifi spots are helpfull for example... Or to continuously encourage people to study. 

That way not much goes wrong in our lives. Then, all is about... are we already smarter today, as a human kind? Are we able to find better idea's and approaches? And do we let all smartest ideas get into our books. Did we really help all people to study on the highest levels possible? So all will have better lives...

"It's all about climbing the stairs of life, together!"


note. To respect things is the key in chosing best. What if you neglect a good idea? So respect locals and the international books. To keep all sources available. Keep doing research and study on highest levels, and find best plans... Keep adding plans, with respect to locals and international books. 


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