Difference Between R5SDHC and Gateway 3DS

Door Arturotillo gepubliceerd op Thursday 13 November 08:56

If you were a flashcart fans, then maybe you have already heared of the popular 3ds card gateway 3ds, or maybe you have had one on hand. Gateway 3ds card is the world' first 3ds card to run 3ds roms. However, it can only support 3ds FW stayed on v4.1-4.5. Except for this, it's the best. Best features and strong team, support all 3ds roms, can emunand 9.2.0, support homebrew, support e-shop and so on.

Then what's the new card: R5SDHC?

R5SDHC is a news 3ds card appeared in the market these days. It can support 3ds roms on all 3ds system version. That't to say, no 3ds system limits, can support 3ds 4.5+. Good news to guys whoses 3ds is the latest verison 9.2.0-20.

R5SDHC Card Pics:

DIfference between r5sdhc and gateway 3ds?

1. r5sdhc can support all 3ds system verison, including 9.2.0 while gateway 3ds can only work on v4.1-4.5 3ds.

2. R5sdhc can work on new 3ds console while gateway 3ds cannot  for now.

3. R5sdhc can work like a real game card while Gateway 3ds can also support emunand 9.2.0.

4. R5sdhc need only one card  to play 3ds roms while gateway 3ds needs two cards to boot 3ds mode.

5. R5sdhc has maximum 10 roms limitation on up to 64G micro sd card while gateway 3ds has no roms restriction and can support  3ds roms on a single 128GB microSD.

6. R5sdhc is region locked while gateway 3ds is region free.

7. R5sdhc is much more expensiver than gateway 3ds card.


For V4.1-V4.5 firmware consoles users, then get gateway 3ds card, it's the best choice. 100% games compatibility and the price is cheaper than r5sdhc card.

For v4.5+ 3ds console users, if you want to enjoy 3ds roms now, then choose r5sdhc, the offical team is trying to unlock the rom restriction, maybe later they will solve this problem.

If you are not eager to enjoy 3ds roms, then you can wait, after all no one know what will happen afterwards, the 3ds markte changes all the time.

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