My Boy

Door Robin1995 gepubliceerd op Thursday 06 November 19:51

When I'm alone,

When i'm alone i feel sad, 
Because i miss something,
Because i can't cuddle,

That something is my sweet boyfriend!

I want to lie in his strong arms,
Feeling his chest go up and down,
His heart beat makes me quiet,

When i'm alone i feel like there is someting missing,
I miss him even when he is just gone away,

My friends had said to me that they miss there boyfriends also even when the just gone away,
I thought by my self that is never gonna happen to me,
But i was wrong i hadn't been in love for such a long time that i had forgotten what it felt like, 
And i realy want to be with you as much as is possible but i know i have to let you go freely,

But still i love you,

I wish that i had met you earlier,
But i think it had to be this way we were the thing that we both needed at the time and still

We both needed Love, 
We both needed each other,

We are the silhouette of two opposites who cherish deep feelings for each other,
And there love grows even stronger every day,

My sweet,

When i lie in you arms I feel safe,
When you don't say anything but you just look me in my eyes,
I know you understand me,
When i lie with my head on you chest,
I listen to you heart beat and your breath,
I become quiet,
When we make love we become one,
When we sleep we are at peace,

I just wanna say I LOVE YOU

I love you my sweet i love you dearly!!

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