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images? and give you the chance to get free diploma's, specialization tracks and certificates. 

Everyone can become someone for free! All you need is you and internet. Some places in the world offer free wifi. So actually you need you an a laptop or divice that can give you access to this free internet and these free studies and within some short amount of time you are fully certified and studied enough to have better jos! 



Alison has education on Level 5 FETAC. (Further Education Training Awards council.) 

And is equal to QCF level 3. (Qualifications and Credit Framework). (Registered in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.)  It's a national diploma or certificate. 

Means you've studied on A level. QCF has levels up to 8, and thats the PHD level. So being a level A is quit a lot already. 

FETAC is equal to this level 3 on QCF.

Internationally this QCF framework is used by other names. But is about the same. A level 3 in England is also a level 3 in the rest of the world.



Coursera has many university courses and some college courses and professional degree courses. Compared to studies on level 6+ in these frameworks of FETAC and QCF and other international study comparison frameworks

Compared to a HND or Bachelor or have accomplished courses on this level. About to become one day a PHD. After some Bachelor studies. And able to master all there is to study in your field. 


images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR5jUg5RNv7K2GSivfPeJoNo matter what you have studied, you are worth a lot!

After both of these studies you have gained a lot of quality to your work and are really better at what you like to become. 


How to see all this in your personel life?

For example, I am a level 7. I have my professional degree.  (Studied that study somewhere else then Coursera or Alison) That same study I studied is also available as a bachelors degree. It's not a foundation degree, as that would assume half the full study. It's a practitioners degree. Alowes me to have my own practice. That's all on level 6. Beside that I have not studied just one study on level 6 degree, but am doing my second study on this same level. Bachelor in psychology. Also i have done several master degree studies. So I am worth already a level 7. And will continue my sudies through Coursera on this level. 

I love Alison to fastly learn even more subjects, that I am interested in. Coursera is my main study besides my Bachelor study I do at the moment. So I found both pages really worth a lot! And honestly like more a lot of times then my regular study. Because the professors are such unique people with lots of views a normal study wouldnt give. And Alison also comes from high standard sources. All really works well together. Worldwide we can study this way on the internet from all the best sources. That of course, always creates the best students and allumni. 

Note.  All  of that together, after some studies (professional practitioner degree and my bachelor of psychology i currently study) on coursera (35+ studies), plus studies I studied before these studies, are together worth as much as a level 7 degree. 


Alison is a good step up into the level 4+ studies.

You can do level 4 and up studies after these 3 level studies. 

Note. Alison is demanding 80% for each study, to be certified. Means you are more capale to do better if you continue your studies. You actually aren't much in doubt with such high grades to be able to do another higher level degree after this. Alison is pushing you a bit and I think that;s worth it. You'll be better in your field, then someone who achieved its certificates or diploma with just 55%. So you are levaing your Alison studies a level 3+, simply because of that. 

Colleges and universities teaching through coursera do most of the time the same thing. Pushing you further into studying, asking a lot of times beyond 70% of achievement before you are recieving a statement of accomplishment. Some times some courses ask of you to get a 95% even. 

I love these high standards. So we really have studied subjects with are full interest and are really capable after completing it. It's what studies are about to be the best in the field. To enjoy your work and to do simply all you can. A higher grade shows your hard work. That you are willing to work and that you can do the jobs attached to this degree.


images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTPCgDiou2SZXA17iioLQmCoursera is to compare to the level 6+.

Alike professional certificates. All together after some studies worth a full study on level 6. 

note. Some rare studies on coursera are to compare to perhaps even a 4+ study, some college certificate would be compared with that.

But their most studies arent just higher educational certificate s (level 4+), but university courses (level 6+).


Note2. For example: People who study beyond 20 courses on coursera, including some master courses are really worth that much. 

Also specialized tracks on coursera are examples of this. And even arent 20 or more studies you have to do for that. But have simply a hand full of studies to be already very specialized in your field of study. 


images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQJNIVQ0mqWDJbUPIDISQGTo find out where you stand. Your real level. 

Put all your studies you've already done on a list. And range them on value  from high to low. And see whats your highest diploma or certificate. Also add up some courses. Especially when you study on coursera, find the to compare studies with other master courses. To really find out what you are actually worth. Perhaps you have studies more subjects then you normally had to on a normal bachelors degree, simply cause of your coursera studies. Then you are already more worth then that. You can also fastly gain a level, by finding more studies that really make you a master. You can find free masters. Simply find the lists of masters in your country or worldwide and find alike studies on coursera. 

Study is about the real knowledge. So have you gained that real knowledge you then are who you are. On that higher level. 


Despite the "real" credits you are really worth in the world what you really know, (which coursera is working on, more and more studies even get real university credits (means you can use some certificates as real credits in a new university studie. Then the studies you have already accomplished on coursera are noted as achieved and many times you dont have to study them again while you study that new university study. Your already earned credits from coursera  then count.) )



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