Amazon shares: good/bad investment?

Door Thimojacobs gepubliceerd op Saturday 25 October 21:46

Amazon shares purchase consultation: is it a good investment to buy some Amazon shares at the moment (oktober 2014)? 

Should you buy Amazon Shares?

Amazon is a big company and is known for its good prices when it comes to technology. There are big and small countries that like to buy things from the Amazon web shop. For example, in the Netherlands, technology (such as Apple, Android and other devices) are very expensive when you compare the prices with the prices from the Amazon shop. That is the reason why a lot of people are buying things from the They have also made some mistakes, for example: recently they have released their own Fire Phone which didn't do well. That is the reason why their profit wasn't as big as they wanted to be. 

Currently, Amazon is taking a bad turn, but over the last four yours, the value of their shares has increased a lot and that's the reason why I commend you to buy some shares. Keep in mind that this is a long-term investment, because at the moment they aren't doing as good as they did the last couple of years.

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