Gateway 3ds, supercard dstwo, which card should I choose for my 3DS?

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Since the news that Gateway 3ds 2.4b can support 9.0 emunand released, many customers had a big misunderstanding about the official team’s announcement. They thought gateway could support 3ds latest system and asked me which one to choose, supercard dstwo or gateway 3ds. I felt nothing to say when was asked the question firstly. So in order to explain this misunderstanding I wrote the article below.
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Firstly, you should know that all 3ds card can be only used on 3ds/3ds xl version from v4.1-v4.5, no one exception. Then, emunand 9.0 system doesn’t mean you can use gateway on 3ds v9.0.0. The emunand is a software. Lastly, though gateway can’t support 3ds out of the version 4.1-4.5, this 3ds card is still the most powerful one and always run the latest 3ds games, including super smash bros.
As to how to choose from dstwo and gateway? It’s very simple to answer this question now. To the nintendo user who wants to play 3ds games and his or her 3DS version is between 4.1 to 4.5, then buy gateway 3ds is right. To other users whose nintendo 3ds is on the latest version, supercard dstwo should be his or her choice. But, is ds2 the only r4 3ds card working on 3ds system 9.0.0? Most of us can reply no. R4 card such as r4i gold 3ds,r4i-sdhc rts 3ds, r4i gold pro and so on can support the version too. At the following we can check 2 most famous ones. The first is r4i gold 3ds, the second is r4i sdhc 3ds rts.

R4i gold 3ds

R4i gold 3ds wood is generally considered as one of the best r4 cards which are becoming popular to a large base of consumers. It uses the wood kernel which support by the famous yellow wood goblin team, it bypassed the latest Nintendo 3DS firmware update directly, even no update patch needed. is the most reliable and the best site to buy wood r4i gold 3ds card in the US, and yeah, free shipping to outside US too

R4i sdhc 3ds rts

R4i SDHC 3DS RTS flash cart is a new flash cart released by R4i-SDHC official team,It has fully functions of flashcart and stable performance. R4i sdhc 3ds has many powerful features like real-time save, real-time guide and user-cheat activation. It has cheap price and “expensive” user experience.The brand as well as the quality, R4i SDHC 3DS RTS is a great r4 3ds card. 
The last, if you want to buy new 3ds card, r4 card and 3ds card, please refer to! It is a uk based online shopping store! It sells all kinds of Nintendo flashcards such as supercard dstwo, mt-card, gateway 3ds, 3dslink, orange 3ds and r4i gold 3ds deluxe! Sure, I don't list all the cards here, you can visit now to check it! supports paypal for paying! That is what many other stores can not do! If you want to use paypal to purchase a card, please choose! 

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