Door Buchii gepubliceerd op Monday 06 October 14:08

Do you recognize the feeling no ones will ever understand;

What you're thinking
What you're feeling
what you're must do

It's like a bubble;

You're in the middle and the rest is trying to reach you, but they wont because they won't understand why you put them away, behind a wall they will never can't go threw.

But doing that is because your own safety, so people can't hurt you again.
Everyday we keep going and keep smiling like everything is fine.

You can do this maybe for months or years, but at the end your body is telling you it's enough, your mind can do no more.
Listening to this because this is a warning nobody can do this on themselves.

Let other people help you like you helped them, we can all be happy if we want it but sometimes we should open our eyes before thats gonna happen.

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