To think about: People need real solutions, actualities. To do something.

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images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQrHE1R6K419-ZXF2g8NtwTo eat...

You need food, a plate, a spoon, knife and fork,  a table etc... and perhaps someone to eat with... To not be alone. To be keeping you safe while you eat. 

A ground to sit on. Your own house or someone else that lets you eat on their ground. 

A chat is nice. But also changes the mood you are eating in. It could be a good conversation or a bad one. Your temper could get up. Discussions can be boring. The person in front of you can be just not it. 

Things can also happen while you eat. Climate can change over time. So in the beginning you eat without a jacket, after some years you can only eat outside in some lovely garden, with a winterjacket on. Or stormy weather can become the theme and rule your diner, lunch or breakfast.. 

You stil have to eat. 


images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRYmAESEYub_1zI6SyTm5lYou still have to just eat. And just be human. 

Some people put only atention to chatting... Those are hungry people, wishing food could be eaten just by chatting... 

Some people are so wanting to be social, they forget to eat and live. Hang together and make eachother hungy and unhealty. Or put strange behaviours on others with their "socialties". Or ruin the eating table with their rudeness by changing the mood of all on that table... 

Some people only work and have neither, a chat, or socialties and no foodtime... to live healthy and happily ever after...

Some people never want changes in their live and ignore the climate... still want to sit with their foot down against all Gods, and remain on their spot, while the next second the entire family will be blown away by a hurricane....

All those biases can ruin a persons life. Just ruined by someone thinking "this is the way" we all must do...  So you too... 

It's why we kept human rights, all must decide for themselves how to live and who to be... So someone over controlling can be chased away...

note. To be fair we still all are animals... Not all humans are so smart or a good human to be with at all...


While life expects you to become... To be simply human... We simply must be human. 

Then we all can meet who we want... And with luck find that good chatter, or be social the way we want together. Then with good health we move away from dangerous places and people. People need to be completly free for that. To be albe to do so. 


All things a human must. Are it's awake state. All is normal. And must be done... 

It eats, drinks, walks, sleeps, sits. etc. All fisical things that it must. You can not skip one of these things. You would die. Your body has needs to survive, and thats why it rules your life. 


There is also variation...

You even can not eat just one thing, you would die missing many other elements your body needs, every day, to restore the body and to continously live and grow. A human needs many things from this earth to eat and drink to really live well and healthy. 

Also, a human needs to sleep well, also needs protection of other animals, bacterials and virusses. Also needs protection of other humans that arent just awake. 

A human needs to move his body as well, to remain healthy. It can not only lay down. Or only sit. Or only stand. It needs to do all movements to not get stiff, hurted, to weak, restrained etc. 

It needs all of himself. And to just do. 

Actions are needed. You can not chat about food, to have eaten. You need to actually eat.


images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTvW2dzTFMwzG4RkkH2gG-Chats aren't many times a solutions. It's not just actual. 

But is something a person made up in his circumstances. It's always with many possibilities a person could respond. 

While food is food, ya need to eat it. Sleep is sleep you need to sleep. 

Only a could smart doctor could with no mistakes answer correctly if you ask him or her could you help me to fall asleep etc. 

But these studied actual things. The awake state. And how people should be developing, including all they already know about what could be wrong with a body... They attemp to solve those prolems. And more and more they can help many people. Or at least with what they have found out by now. 

Then still one is a good doctor a clear thinker, understanding all another is understanding partially things that could help you. Still some doctors are worse then an old smart wise woman, that got all her kids without a problem to sleep. 

It's always subjective, or all relies on how well a person could study the subject. Him herself mentally or how much access it could have to sources, and books, or study cases etc. How much do you need of that person. Does it hold all you need. So your conversations could be good or bad... While eating is endlessly the same, although you can eat many things. Good or bad things. You still need to eat. It's simply about finding the best things...

In nature: All humans could do well without doctors and helpers for that. It had his family that had already survived, so knew what to do and eat to live. It was seen, told, lived and experienced by all people, themselves. 


So a chat could be a time to think. To resee things, to do better. If the person you have a conversation with has something to contribute. 

Now in the world many say that... But not all do contribute so well... It depends... When it's a good conversation, that both find really good a chat can be helpfull. You should not be have to talk. Or been distracted by the one who wants a talk. It must be for both speakers a good thing. 

First of all, your body is your own. Your life is your own. The other person is living its own life. Helpfull as it may seen. A person develops itself. And is the only knowing if your chat really could help. 

It can say back i like it, but actually means something else. Leave me alone, or secretly actually think never mind, let the chatter chat etc. 

A chat has to be really fitting. And only the person you chat to can decide that in the end. 


You still need to take care of your body first. All things it must, cost you most of your daily life. 

It even takes a long time to learn all things a human can do with his body. 

It's not all learned in a day. It takes years to be able to be alone, and do all so well you can be a parent yourself. 


So what's best?

To live, to develop, to have all to develop. And to sometimes try a chat. See if someone else has more for you. 

But mainly to simply grow out to be you. 

To eat well, to live as comfortable as you can. And to own yourself a place to live. 


How is that achieved? 

As we all must work. And many have to bother others for that work. 

To learn till how far your job must go. It's all taught that jo of yours. Others came to this conclusion, of what you do today. You added things and can change things in that. As we know today, all humans simply develop and need their good varied food and space. Then all jobs we do, are simply extra, luxoury things we do. It's like a hobby. Some like it what you do and join you collecting trains. Others rather watch some birds... Alone or with someone they find special. 

So all do the jobs they need to do to survive. But when a moment is opened up to them to simply do something better or more fun. They will. and perhaps all should. 

In one big world. There must be to find one person enjoying it to be the trash collector, driving around with a big truck for that. In a small world thats harder to find, unless you live with only one family that with luck all love that job. But then all others jobs wouldnt be done. all would be on their trucks wating for someone to invent things that cause  trash...

So to open up our worlds and being able to express what we love to do. Also to be able to find out what we actually love to do. Solves all. 

But never forget. A job is a job. All still need food and comfort first of all, to live. 


images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSRmjgZ5VUm1kyKHABUCOUSo all should be somehow provided to all. Then the job comes...

For that day when a child is grown enough, had time enough to completly develop and then works. for fun. And not to much. able to raise their own kids. 

(That safes money, but also makes the world safer. If all can just be a real human. and to be a real human, we all eat, drink, sleep, are in comfort, to survive and make babies to continously live. So when we die they live like us. Also safe, and in comfort.
People all are actually family... DNA shows... so for each member of our family all should be there... food, comfort and a good sleeping time. but also full time with their babies... so we are living healthy, naturally and like a family again... rather a child in a boat with daddy to see him fishing, then a child in daycare... cause daddy has to fish for all humans on earth... so they all have their one day a week fish... that child didnt know his daddy much, and couldnt really learn to become a fishermann himself... rather being a smaller part of the world. That the city can eat fish, and your child raised well, then all this neglect someone taught you... (and because of that one person, with his hobby club: all people that wanted to create daycare, that your child isnt human any longer...  and neither are you... )

There simply is more then work.... There is outside our houses a real life... Please remember all not found places and animal spieces etc... there are still many places unknown on earth... why would we then live so unnatural? Life is out there and only us, are stuck in this systemed life... Others still peddle with boats freely, to catch fish and eat those catched fished with their children on the beaches...

note. Perhaps they wish a laptop to see the route to a new erea... for next week... to catch other fishes there next week... but we are all humans... our own pets show that in our daily life as well... You can not just let an animal do all kind of things, it needs its own nature... do not forget we are animals too...  Lets be real, lets be natural, or least change life this way we have both benefits. of nature and of luxoury. So all live long and happily ever after...


note. Simply when your car is broke, you need a mechanic. When your hand is broken you need a hospital visit. When you are lonely you could decide to find someone new to be with. Many things are easier to solve, when people really go to action. Instead of just chatting. Or blaming. Or thinking it could solve by doing nothing. But all has to fit in your natural life. And you have to fit with your good qualities in the lives of all others. But all have to eat. 


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