Is there a quick fix for the oily skin?

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Are you aware that men have skins that are oilier than women?  It is common to find men with shiny foreheads or greasy chins. Although there are some practices to avoid oily skin including avoiding friction and using less hot water, there are some quick fixes to deal with the problem. Oily patches tend to be noticeable as the day wears on and are just worst when you are heading out from your work place. All you need is to find the best remedy from the quite few available in the market.


Anti-shine Products

These eliminate shine once they come in contact with it on your skin by using special oil-absorbing particles and other ingredients to tighten the pores and temporary reduce their sizes. These products are simple to use because you are only required to apply on the skin areas with the problem. Additionally, their effects are felt instantly although you may have to reapply a couple of times in a day.

Mattifying Facial Powders

There are several mattifying facial powders, most of which are intended for use by men. If applied, they absorb oil from the skin surface leaving it dry for the better part of the day. Just like skin brighteners products, mattifying facial powders require reapplication a couple of time every day.

Oil-absorbing Sheet

This is another good weapon when it comes to battling shine caused by oily skin. They consist of thin tissues which are used to blot the grease on the skin. These are quite convenient in that they are handy and all you need to do is slip a few in to the back of your packet for use while on the go. When need arises, you are only to slip out a few and do some dabbing on the affected areas. You can use a tissue paper for dabbing but this doesn't look classy at all especially when you are in public. There are supplements with great reputation e.g. Olay CC Cream there are also skin brighteners products improved the skin shining.

Wipe With Astringents

You can wipe the oily part of your skin by rubbing with alcohol or a combination of alcohol with acetone mixture found in certain cosmetic products. These will help in decreasing your skin similarly with some expensive perfumed astringents. You can find pre-moistened, individually wrapped alcohol wipes to use throughout the day for quick touchups while at work or on the go.

Avoid Moisturizers

Whereas almost all adverts recommend the use of moisturizers for every person, avoid using them if you have the oily skin type. Your skin is already producing more than enough oil to keep it supple and prevent dryness throughout the day. it is a good idea to regularly apply a good sunscreen before moving outdoors in daylight. 

However, you should check for products that are noncomedogenic (indicating that they will be less likely to clog your pores), which is very important for oily skin that is prone to acne blemishes.

Keep Your Hair Away from Your Face

Pull back your hair to prevent it from becoming in contact with your face. In most cases, oily skin goes hand in hand with oily hair. Washing your hair more often will go a long way in eliminating excess oil which can slip in to your face. Additionally, put off your hands from your face as they deliver oil and dirt which can potentially cause blemishes or infections. Before you apply any product on your face, make sure that your hands are clean and dry.

Use Water-based Products

Water-based products don't contain oil that can worsen that can worsen shine on your skin. Better yet, avoid makeup if you can or use it with a foundation. Otherwise, it will trap the oil against your skin setting the stage for blemishes. If you must apply makeup, use water-based products instead of oil-based ones, and go for spot concealers rather than coating your entire face. The best way is to stick with powder or gel brushes while avoiding cream foundations. 

Use of Masques

Masques are used on the face to reduce oiliness. You can try Clay masque and mix it with Fuller's Earth (available in pharmacies) and add a little water to form a paste. Apply it on your face and let it stay for 20 minutes before rinsing with warm water. 

Baking Soda

Baking soda comes with many health and beauty benefits including removing of oil and blackheads. If you use a liquid soap, add ½ teaspoon baking soda on the mixture. Gently rub the mixture on the oily areas. This provides mild abrasive effect to get rid of blackheads as well as oil. Rinse with cold water.


There are numerous ways to deal with an oily skin. Listed above are some quick fixes you can easily implement if your skin produces more oil than it requires. Whereas an oily skin can make you look younger and attractive, in excess, it can cause clogging of pores which can lead to blemishes. Try out these quick fixes and you will always get rid of the shiny face.

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