Into my life:

Door Candice gepubliceerd op Wednesday 01 October 20:19

Into my life:

Live brought you into 

my life

like a fresh cold shower

cools down my body

after a heat tropic day.

But ya know

days became colder

you didn't leave

can't get rid of you

you mind controlling ashole.

You took my body

made it suffer

filled it with you

and ... stayed.

Never told me to

made it my choice

knowing i would

and i surrendered.

You knew it

and let me do it

without any spoken word

you made me yours.

And  i ...  liked it

every time again

i will never leave you

let's be honest ... i shouldn't know how.




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Dank je
that`s real life
Heftig, die overgave en" inspiratie " verwoord jij zo goed, het zou anders moeten zijn in de passie die .....jou keuze was! X
Dank je x