I want to but I cant

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Eventually we will all settle down. Of course we have to find someone first. But what if you have found this person but he or she is not ready to make it official, to settle, to be serious? Some people meet the one at the age of 16 or 17 and stay together, even in their twenty’s when most people are still not really ready to settle down.

Especially guys have a problem with letting go of being single. They just can’t seem to let go of the ‘but maybe there are more fishes in the sea’. Yes, even when the girl of their dreams is standing right in front of them and they are very much in love. No, they are not ready. And in the back of their minds they think: she’ll wait. I think it is very important that those guys start to realize that the girl of their dreams won’t wait. Even when you are the guy of her dreams.

Most women want to feel loved and most women also know that if they have been in love once, they can also fall in love for the second time with somebody else. So why wait?

The line I am still very confused about is ‘I want to but i can’t.’
When I want something, I go for it. When I don’t want something I usually tell the truth but ‘I want to but I can’t’ should actually be ‘I can but I don’t want to.’ Because it is a big excuse for people who are not really sure about what they want. So they keep you on a leash. And while you are waiting for a whole lot of nothing..they are having fun and exploring the other fishes in the sea.

So while you are waiting, hoping and wishing you can also choose to have fun and also explore a bit. There is nothing wrong with that. Sometimes you just have to trust in mother nature..If it’s meant to be, it will happen. If not, be prepared to fall in love with the new future love of your life.

I asked a few guys why they want to but they can’t and this is what they gave as an answer:
(The names are anonymous)

Olly (24)

‘I am in love now for 2 years with one girl, really really in love. But like you said..we know they will wait so why not take advantage of it? I told her I am not ready yet and she asked me what I would do if she finds another guy. I told her she won’t. Not because there are no guys who would like her but because I know she loves me and it takes time. And as long as we keep in touch she won’t forget me.

Nick (22)

I have to be honest here, It think that ‘I want to but I can’t’ is a weak excuse for guys who will never be able to completely go for one girl. No matter how much they love someone…there is always a prettier girl walking on this planet called earth. I have a girlfriend since I was 18. We broke up a couple of times but we always find a way back. I am not making any excuses. If we are over we are over. I will always tell her the truth and never tell her ‘I want to but I can’t’ because If I want her, I will do everything to get her and to keep her. It’s that simple.

Tim (26)

I had a girlfriend for 1,5 year. She broke up with me because she just couldn’t be in a relationship but she was very much in love me. When we got together for a drink about a year later she told me I was in her head the last few months. When we broke up she met new guys, had fun and did everything she wanted to do. It was now time to settle down and she missed me. I told her I met a new girl who I really liked and I was not planning to give up on a girl I liked so much for a girl who once gave up on me.

What is your excuse?

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