Not worthy of help

Door Vonderey bloom gepubliceerd op Thursday 14 August 12:03

This feeling i get

Slowly turns into regret

A feeling I’ve never met before

So complicated to explain

But so easy to feel

Maybe this feeling is not real

Not the same way I feel after eating a big meal

Thinking it’s not a big deal

Am I just exaggerating but it stays a problem of my own

I’m hesitating

Feeling terrible not even sure if I’m worthy of help

I’m getting more desperate everyday

I’m a mess, can’t stop thinking about the things I want but cant say

Thoughts in my brain are spinning and spinning over and over again

A mixture of anger, pain, sadness, hate and anxiety

I want to cry and sometimes I don’t even know why

It s like i m the only one who can t handle

It s like i m covered with darkness and can t find another candle



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