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0d30264fd1790731191acdba9e692bb6_medium.8e68838ae402db9a440cad88566db399_1407103C O M M U N IT Y  R A D I O, from THE NETHERLANDS  is the newest MIDDLE WAVE  AM broadcast MUSIC station located in Holland (The Netherlands) from behind the NORTH SEA! The format of C O M M U N I TY   R A D I O is  ROCK MUSIC, Hard Rock & Heavy Metala31201f0d01e12563c6d57ae374126fe_1407103C O M M U N I T Y  R A D I O  STUDIO  Co Meijer..

BUY a transistor radio with the opportunity for 4cbe467cae948b91e8aa4030d9b9acd6_medium. WAVE receive and you can listen to ROCK & METALMUSIC FROM MEDIUM AUGUST 2014!!

BEATLES, STONES, KINKS, THE WHO, QUEEN,VAN HALEN, METALLICA etc....! that's quality ROCK & METAL MUSIC on C O M M U N I T Y  R A D I O  the station of the rock stars, from behind the NORTHSEA, everywhere, to listen in Holland, England Germany995d4b91a17f089318c6cb54f6a5262b_1407104

Do'nt  miss your ROCK & METAL STATION, with the very best of ROCKMUSIC all in history made!46d937f3e3efe60c9ef6b6831943da6e_1407103

Every day from 9.00 P.M. Dutch time till 24.00 AM C O M M U N I T Y  R A D I O presents the non-stop music programme 'ROCK EMPIRE'a7fbc373f6a893d740c4c520356b8d00_1407103

Everyday from 23.00-24.00 you can listen to COMMUNITY RADIO musicprogramma METAL EMPIRE.

                                     ROCK & METAL    b2383aa60034849a6c580cb187dedf2d_medium.


For information/reactions;  you can mail: jameijer@quicknet.nl, for information, for ideas, for requests for all your questions to respond by COMMUNITY RADIO HOLLAND.

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