'Zilla' Introduction

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This World that we Live in,
These People who we Live With,
These People who we Live For,
Are getting Dragged Down
Like a Heavy-Weight Stone,
Gaining Ever more Weight,
The More We Wait,
And the Less we Do.


Allright. We all know that the Course of this Earth, is not really the Course we want it to be, but we also know it to be the wrong Course. We, Mankind, have always sought for the necessary Needs that we as Humans need. For example, Emotional Needs: Understanding, Love, Peace, Harmony, Friendship, Family, Adventure and of course Life itself. We have always had a Craving towards these Needs and we as Humans will always be followed by this Craving. 
Not only do we need those Emotional Needs, but Humans also need Material Needs: A roof above our Heads, People, Food, Water, Fresh Air, Warmth, some forms of Transportation and so forth.

It is quite clear, that the Material Needs are, sort of, met. Most of our World Population has everything that is needed to actually survive in this, nowadays, Hostile and Unpersonal World. 
Which is Great! Most of us can all Live a Life, but what about the Ones who do not meet the Standards of Our Society? The Ones who do not matter that much apparantly?

Sometimes it seems as if we, mankind, take everything for granted. For example, we take for granted that everyone in this Society is able to buy; Food, Water and Shelter, the basic, standard, needs for a Human to Survive nowadays. Which is partially Right. 
These days, we tend to forget the people who are not able to buy themselves their basic needs, but how often do we actually hear something about those people? Or that some rules or regulations are being changed, because those people don't have anything?
Of course, we have our Charities, which we certainly use, but if charities are so great, why do we still see so many people, who can afford anything, wondering the streest of our Society? Why aren't the citizens personally helping those people in need? Why don't these 'outcasts' do anything to climb in this society, to atleast have a little earning? Why aren't politicians, economists, governmental institutions, banks and all sorts of these agencies, changing regluations, rules or laws, to meet the voice of the country's population in these so called; Democracies?

I'd like to point out many things in this 'Zilla' called: Burdens of Society. We all know there are many things wrong with this world/societies these days and I see it as my 'Job' my 'Career', figuratively speaking, to:
 - Raise Questions about everything we have been learning in this society
 - Philosophize about subjects in Science, Religion, Culture, Politics, Economics, Educational Institutions, Medical Institutions/reasearch facilities, Drugs, Environmental Issues etc, etc..
 - Point out the Pros and Cons about our contemporary Society
 - What kind of Burdens this Society entails on all the people living inside it
 - What all those Burdens do to the Human Mind, Body and Soul

The list goes on and on, because, in my opinion, many things aren't going as it is supposed to be going, looking at our own Mother, Earth and anything that is involved with our beautiful Planet that is our Earth.

Things I would like to accomplish here, mainly, is to expand our Consciousness, because the biggest Crisis here on Earth, in my opinion, is a crisis in Consciousness. Well.. maybe it is better to say: A Neglection of our own Consciousness, our own Ignorance towards our Soul and Thought about our Realities from this World we live in. 
Hopefully I will be able to raise some very important questions to You all, which, hopefully, makes you think about everything you will be reading here from me. Trying to Expand my Consciousness, means expanding your consciousness aswell. Aslong as you all read these 'Zilla's' with an Open Mind, I will reach you and you will reach me. If you decide to read these Zilla's with a Closed Mind, then be my guest to read this so it, hopefully, will open your mind. 
For the Closed-Minded people here, already, I'd like to say a few little things: 

 *If you aren't willing to open yourself up to New Ideas,  Theories etcetera, then you should take a good look at yourself in the mirror and think about what your life would be, if you won't even be Open Minded towards everything in Life.
 *Having a Closed Mind means Closed Eyes. Judging the World with Eyes that do not see this World as it is, even though this Reality is right in front of your Eyes, but you gave yourself a Blindfold. (Sorry but I don't like walking around with a Fold on my Eyes, I'd really like to see what is happening and changing)
*If you have and will be Closed Minded, it seems to me you are standing still, here, in this Moment. Well, not even in this Moment, you are stuck in the Past and I do not see the Point of Standing Still in the Past, afraid of Change, change of your perception about this world.
*Opening up your mind, can be quite fun! I assume most of you went to School? Well when learning on school, you do the exact same thing as when you read a paper, text, poem whatever, namely: You Open your Mind towards new information. So why should you not open your mind towards these 'Zilla's'? :)

Enjoy the Readings,
Hopefully it will Open your Minds. 
Most Importantly: Simply have your own Experience while Reading this! 

Love, Light and Peace to you all :)

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