Solution for Hair With Split Ends Problem

Door KeiHo gepubliceerd op Thursday 24 July 22:33

Hair is one of the most beautiful parts of a girl’s body. Long, silky & shiny hair increases the beauty of a girl to a great extent. But hair can become just a nightmare if one has split ends i.e. broken hair. Today I am going to tell you how can you get rid of split ends through just a little bit of care.

* Trim your hair once in three months. This will remove split ends. Trimming makes hair look healthy. You can trim your hair easily at home. But if you have the option to go to parlor, do so. Because they are professional and they will take care of your hair.

* Always use comb with wide tooth. This will create less pressure on your hair. Don’t use metal brush to comb hair. It makes hair rough.

* Wet hair is very sensitive. Don’t rub hair too much while washing. It makes hair break easily. After washing dry it with a towel softly.

* Hair dryers make hair rough. As a result split ends occur. So try to avoid using hair dryers. Dry your hair by fan. If you need to use dryer then set the speed to low switch and warm level.

* Get oil massage twice a week. This will nourish hair roots.

* If you dye, perm or apply another treatment that tends to weaken your hair, make sure to have an interval between those treatments. For example: new hair color - then 2 weeks pause - then rebonding. This will minimize the harmful effect for your hair in case you decide to apply those treatments. 

* Apply henna paste on hair twice a month. Henna serves nutrition for hair which reduces tendency of split ends.

* Another good hair vitalizer is yogurt. Take an egg, mix it with two tablespoons of yogurt and apply on hair. After 15-20 minutes rinse thoroughly with shampoo. This will make hair strong as well as shiny.

* During oil massage, try to use hot oil. Hot oil massage increases blood circulation in scalp. As a result hair gets stronger.

If you follow above tips I am sure you will get strong, healthy & shiny hair that will have no split ends.

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