Clouds ... looking down:

Door Candice gepubliceerd op Saturday 12 July 21:47


Massive and gorgeous clouds

looking down

seeing a World in despair

hunger and dead

dying children

eyes filled with tears

war and terror

rich and poor

people bathing in luxury

while so many 

are crying for some help.


Where the rich ones

have another cocktail

where others desperately

try to find water

for their babies.


The same clouds

same stars

same moon.


When the luxury people

have a 5 star diner

others are hoping

to find anything to eat.


While the fortunate ones

sleep under their satin sheets

homeless people

try to find a place to sleep.


Our World

our rain

our wind

our clouds.


Tell me why

we simply can not

share everything.


Why can i refuse to eat

just because i don't like it

while others have to live

with an empty stomach.


Why can i buy what i want

while so many

can't pay the rent.


Crying people

crying for help

for their children





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weer heel mooi deze
Dank je.
beautifull written poem Candice but very sad