Speak to me:

Door Candice gepubliceerd op Thursday 10 July 20:32

Speak to me:

Speak to me
do speak to me
beloved someone
speak and tell me
was it all worth it
the poetical rising
of the fallen flower
that gave birth to 
the dark tree
whose branches took
majestic power 
destroying civil rights.

Speak to me
please tell me
about the reason
to kill hope an' dreams
shattered thoughts of
living a simple human life
so natural and loving.

Speak to me
come on let me know
why we have to suffer
why the weak and poor
lost everything they deserve
why nature had to die
why that controlling rich tree
covered with tears 
never ending tears 
from broken mankind
from fallen animals
rules so destructive.


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echt heel mooi, prachtig verwoord :)
Deze vind ik echt mooi, Candice!
Dank je.
life is full of surprises my dear Candice some good some bad good things come in time
Ohhh trust me, i know.
Gewoon mooi, erg mooi zelfs
Dank je.
Graag gedaan en 100% gemeend zoals altijd
I know.
raakt mij enorm, voel een brok in mij keel nu...mooi gedicht
Dank je.