Sexy girl and a joke : June 26, 2014

Door Jacobjones gepubliceerd op Wednesday 25 June 15:24

A cartoon of a sexy girl and a joke to start the day keeps the doctor away. Have a nice day!


John and Mark are sitting in the pub.

Mark: The doctors have no confidence whatsoever in me.

John: Are you that ill?

Mark: No, I haven’t paid their bills.


In a restaurant a young man is crossing out articles on the menu with a pen.

Waiter: What are you doing?

Man: In a few minutes my girlfriend is coming and she usually takes the most expensive dish. I am crossing out these dishes on the menu.


Two old men are sitting on a bench in the park.

Frank: Before my marriage I never had sex with my wife. And you old fellow?

Chris: I don’t know. What’s here name?

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