Sexy girl and a joke : June 13, 2014

Door Jacobjones gepubliceerd op Thursday 12 June 11:40

A cartoon of a sexy girl and a joke to start the day keeps the doctor away. Have a nice day!

Jimmy bought a pack of condoms in the supermarket.

Cashier: “Do you want a bag?”

Jimmy: “No, she’s not that ugly.”


A kangaroo walks into a pub and orders a beer.

Barman: “That’s 25 dollars.”

The kangaroo finds it a little bit expensive but pays and drinks his beer.

Kangaroo: “Why is everyone watching me?”

Barman: “We don’t’ see much kangaroos in this pub.”

Kangaroo: “I understand it if you ask 25 dollars for a beer.”


An old married couple was watching television. The man was constantly zapping between a porn channel and a documentary about fishing. The woman was absolutely fed and said: “Let it stand on the porn channel. You already know how to fish.”

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