Sexy girl and a joke : June 8, 2014

Door Jacobjones gepubliceerd op Saturday 07 June 17:28

A cartoon of a sexy girl and a joke to start the day keeps the doctor away. Have a nice day!


The woman next door is so ugly that I broke into her house to close the curtains.


Why do women in spite of the emancipation almost never do a marriage proposal to the men?

As soon as a woman goes on her knees, the man opens his fly.


A beautiful woman planted tomatoes in her garden but she had a problem, the tomatoes didn’t become red and in the garden of the man next door the tomatoes were scarlet red so she asked the neighbour for advice.

He told the woman that he was standing in his garden twice a day with only a raincoat on and then he frightened them by opening his coat and showing them his naked body.

The woman was impressed and decided to give it a go and after a week the woman and her neighbour saw each other at the supermarket.

Neighbour: “And how are the tomatoes doing? Are they turning red?”

Woman: “No, but the cucumbers are huge.”

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