My Badim Boo ~Jiska Hachmer

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Music Josh Woodward "Memorized"cc-by licensed

I know you, my badim boo
I waited so long for you, oh oh
oh oh, I'll marry you, cause you're my true
tells our Neptune 

oh oh hum bum bum bum, 
bum bum hum hum I know our rhythm

No one feels like you badim Boo
No one can intrude
They can't control us, 'cause we love so true
Our love refuses foolish food to our soul
and dreams we are good in such things oh oh

Oh Badim Boo oh oh
Love true oh oh 'cause I'll do you too

Badim Boo, I do
you're my everything
you're my blue eyes
flying in the skies
so wide, so fine
oh and no one is alowed to hurt you
I'll carry you my deep blue
I'll carry the moon for you
where you can be so real, so true, so adorable
and when others get so powerfull
you'll have me to count on

Vs2: There are true things in life, so true
glowing harps singing tunes for you
singing I love you oh oh, I'll never leave you
Love will show you why, my true
Badim Boo why I love you I do oh I do

And I can see skies change colours
when you enter the room oh oh
Why I love you? Making all things all good
my Badim Boo, I,I love you too

O Badim Boo oh oh
Love true oh oh, 'cause I'll do you too

Chorus 2x

I do, I do, I do, I do for you my Badim Boo oh oh 
I do, I do, I do, I do for you my Badim Boo oh oh



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