M'n nieuwe ~wise men~

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Thank you so much for watching!
Music : Josh Woodward CC-by license "Letting go"

Lyrics written by me:
Wise men hide and
can't prove a thing and
no one can know
but they still count and
trust is a big thing

and love is a real deal so true
so true are wise men

Life and love is a ride 
we can't foresee though
It's what we do oh
as long as we grow oh
'till the end of my soul
this world will go around and around
that's all, all we know

'cause we don't know, so we'll just do so
'cause we don't know

Chorus: He just came back and said I do you
I do you, I do you, I do you
But what you don't know
Is where they go

Could we know? We don't know, we don't know. Could we know?
oh oh oh oh

What you don't know

vs2: When a baby cries
A woman holds her so sweetly
And no one knows why and 
it's just the way we do so

We know it 'till our toes
it's for all, so oh
So we do so

Wise men and woman 
are just here to
to do a good thing
so we all breathe, and drink milk 
and grow out to be real

change: A child know's nothing but learns
'till he is tall 
and looks sold to my soul
He is free, free, free to be
so free, free, free to be



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