Lego Fire Engine

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This is an article about my first legoblog:

I have a passion for vintage vehicles and made a series of 25 vintage fire engines.


1672 Mobile Hose Spray.

After my lego ebook on the history of automobiles it was time for a new project.

So,I'll start the trip with the invention of Jan van der Heyden, a Dutch inventor who contributed a lot to contempory firefighting. Among his inventions were improvements on the fire hose. The year is 1672...

This is the 1910 Ahrens Fox Fire Engine, one of the most iconic vehicles ever built.


1910 Ahrens-Fox Fire Engine.

We continue up towards the 50ties...

What will the future bring???

Maybe we won't have to take anymore risks with this H-2-0'tis FireFight Droid:


Sci Fi Concept Fire Fighter Droid.

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Keep coming back now and then, we will regularly upload new art... fire-art!



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