Pretty Little Liars Pilot

Door Chels23 gepubliceerd op Thursday 29 May 19:04

The first episode of Pretty Little Liars was amazing! The four pretty girls Aria, Spencer, Hanna en Emily and their missed friend Alison, but it looks like Alison is not missing anymore ! They found her dead body under the summerhouse of her parents buried the summer she went missing. Body bags the first episode of the first season of PLL this series is really amazing ;) ! This first episode already jumps into the series without any problems! A new hot guy Ezra Fitz I would say Aria probably gets an A+ for screwing with her teacher! Bad Aria! Miss Marin paying the Police fines for Hanna and not with money, is this a new relationship for Emily and Maya friendly of course ;)! And poor Spencer she always wants Melissa’s boyfriends and not to forget 5 messages from A but if Alison is dead who is than that bloody A person?

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