Sexy girls and jokes!

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In this article you find a mix of jokes and cartoons of beautiful girls and women. Have fun!



Little John comes downstairs for breakfast. His mother is in the kitchen.

Mother: Have you done your jobs?

John: No

Mother: No jobs, no breakfast.

Little John goes outside and feeds the chickens and gives a chicken a kick. Then he feeds the pigs and gives a pig a kick. At last he goes to milk the cows and gives a cow a kick.

Then he goes back to the kitchen and his mother gives him a bowl of dry oatmeal.

John: Why do I get no bacon and eggs?

Mother: I saw you kick a chicken so you get no eggs this week and I also saw you kick a pig and a cow so you get no meat and no milk this week.

Then his father came in and kicked the cat.

He looks all smiling at his mother and says: “Are you gone tell him?”.


Let’s play twister!



In Scotland Walter McMillan lies on his deathbed knowing the end is near.

At his side are sitting his son, his daughter, his wife and his nurse.

Walter: “Son, I want you take the houses in Eaststreet.”

Son: “Ok dad”.

Walter: “And you my little girl, I want you take the flats in Lakeside.”

Daughter: “Ok, dad”.

Walter: “And you my darling, I want you to take the residences Uptown.”

The nurse was completely speechless and when Walter passes away she said “Your husband must have been a hard working man that he acquired so much property”.

Wife: “Properties? He was talking about his newspaper rounds.”



An older woman was looking in the mirror while her husband was sitting in the chair reading the newspaper.

Woman: I feel terrible today. I look old and unattractive and I feel fat. A compliment of you would do me good, honey.

Man: Your eyes still work fine honey, my compliments!


A dumb blonde called her boyfriend and said: “I bough a jigsaw puzzle that is so difficult. The pieces don’t fit and I cannot find the edges”

The boyfriend asked: “And what represents the puzzle?”

The blonde replied: “A big red rooster”.

The boyfriend said: “Wait, I’ll be there in a few minutes”.

The boyfriend came home and saw all the pieces on the kitchen table.

He looked at her and said: “Put the cornflakes back in the box and let’s forget about it”.


To stop smoking is like the first week in a nudist camp.

You don’t know what to do with your hands.



In the classroom.

Teacher: John, What do you want to be when you grow up?

John: I want to be a millionaire, take the best bitch, buy a Ferrari and an apartment in Monte Carlo and fuck my bitch three times a day.

Teacher: And you Caroline, what do you want to be?

Caroline: I want to be his bitch.




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