Sexy women and jokes

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In this article you find a mix of jokes and cartoons of beautiful girls and women. Have fun!


John and his wife were sitting in the living room. John was zapping with the remote control of the television.

Wife: What’s on the television?

John: Dust.

Then the quarrel began.


Little Mark comes home from school.

Mark: Mom, can you give met 30 dollars.

Mom: No, do you think money grows on the trees?

Mark: Where is money made of?

Mom: Paper

Mark: Where does paper come from?


That’s why men like motorcycles


It’s the shape.



Modern sexual education.

Little John: Dad, tell me how I was conceived?

Dad: Well son, your mom and I met in an internet café.

I went together with your mother to the toilets and made a connection with your mom. With my memorystick I gave your mom a few downloads.

When I was ready uploading, we noted that we forgot to use a firewall. Since it was too late to cancel or to delete, nine months later we had a virus.


Yesterday I sat in a restaurant and I really needed to fart.

The music was very loud and I decided to fart.

Then I realised I was listening to my Ipod.


The wedding night

Him: At last, I’ve waited so long for this moment.

Her: You want me to leave?

Him: No, I dare not even think.

Her: Do you love me?

Him: Of course, a lot.

Her: Have you ever cheated on me?

Him: No, Why do you ask me that?

Her: Do you want to make love?

Him: Every time, I get the chance.

Her: Will you ever beat me?

Him: Are you mad. I am not that kind of man.

Her: Can I trust you?

Him: Yes honey.

Her: My darling.

… and after 25 years of marriage you read the text from bottom to top.



Earlier I hated weddings with family. Every time uncles and aunts came to me and said: “Next time it’s your turn, huh”.

After a while they stopped doing that because I said the same to them at funerals.


A macho went to the hospital because his wife had given birth.

In the corridor a nurse came to him and said: “Congratulations your wife had given birth to triplet boys”.

The macho said: “It’s no surprise to me, I have a d*ck like a chimney”
The nurse replicated: “It’s time you sweep your chimney because all your kids are black”.






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