Quiz about the history of the FIFA World Cup Football

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In this article you can test your knowledge about the History of theWorld Cup Football with lots of multiple choice questions. Good luck!


You find all the answers below.


1/In what year was the first edition of the FIFA World Cup?

A 1930

B 1954

C 1966


2/Which country is the host for the FIFA World Cup in 2018?


3/Why were there in 1938 only fifteen teams in the final round of the FIFA World Cup held in France?

A Germany was boycotted

B Austria qualified for the World Cup but the Anschluss united Austria with Germany

C The United States arrived too late because of a storm


4/Which of the following countries could never qualify for the Final Round of the FIFA World Cup?

A El Salvador

B Northern Ireland

C India


5/Which country was the first to organise the Final Round of the FIFA World Cup for a second time?

A Brazil

B Mexico

C Argentina


6/In what year did the final between Brazil and Italy end at 0-0 after the extra time? Brazil won with the penalties.

A 1970

B 1994

C 2002


7/Who scored two goals for France in the Final in 1998?


8/Which of the following countries never reached the final of the FIFA World Cup?

A Portugal

B Sweden

C Engeland


9/For which country did Diego Forlan score five goals in the Final Round of the FIFA World Cup in 2010?

A Spain

B Brazil
C Uruguay


10/In which city was the Final of the FIFA World Cup 2002 played?

A Yokohama

B Seoel

C Tokio


11/Deon McCaulay was the topscorer in the qualification for the FIFA World Cup in Brazil in 2014. For which country that didn’t qualify for the Final Round did he make those goals?

A Scotland

B Wales

C Belize


12/Which country eliminated Brazil in the quarter final of the FIFA World Cup in 2006?

A Germany

B France

C Italy


13/What was the name of the octopus that predicted eight times in a row the winner of a match on the FIFA World Cup in South Africa in 2010?

A Paul

B John

C Frits


14/The Opening Match of the Final Round of the FIFA World Cup in 1982 was Argentina-Belgium. Which player scored the only goal in that match?

A Diego Maradonna

B Erwin Vandenbergh

C Falcao


15/Which goalkeeper was the first to stop a penalty in two FIFA World Cup Editions?

A Jean-Marie Pfaff

B Iker Casillas

C Petr Čech


16/Which Colombian football player was murdered a few days after he made an own goal against the United States in 1994?


17/In which city will the final of the FIFA World Cup 2014 take place?


18/Which country was never the host of the Final round of the FIFA World Cup?

A Switzerland

B Sweden

C Poland


19/What was the nickname of Edson Arantes do Nascimento who was three times world champion with Brazil?


20/Who was the oldest player who scored a goal in the Final Round of the FIFA World Cup?




1/A     2/Russia     3/B      4/C      5/B      6/B      7/Zinedine Zidane      8/A       9/C      10/A      11/C      12/B       13/A      14/B       15/B       16/Andrés Escobar                17/Rio de Janeiro     18/C       19/Pelé        20/Roger Milla

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