Surviving the Information Warfare.

Door Groundzero gepubliceerd op Thursday 08 May 13:13

It's a generation filled with bad ideas with slaves bowed under the overall ideal of beauty. What this society needs is a shock, the simple choice to either search for opportunity or to starve, there will be no communist state to support you in any way. “Sometimes it takes a sharp break or rupture to make a person move forward or even survive at all.” Those used to be dependent on the governments during the Chechen-Russian conflict starved. Those who took responsibility survived. Perhaps we are finding ourselves today in such intentional economic shock. That aside, governments have failed before and will fail again. I wouldn't be suprised that the video "Youtube vid: It has begun - Illuminati ELITE being JAILED - Babylon Falling Right Now " is a political sleight of hand to distract us. How many times haven't they used their sentiment-card, such as this one: Randolph Winters lecture on Billy Meier Case 1998 UFO CASE ?

But yes, the system is showing cracks, and the Intelligence Community knows it's in big trouble. So they use their false leader-card: Fritz Spingmeier. Smart plan, I must admit, creating a controlled environment and using the Christians'  weak spot - naïve goodness - to paralyze all of them and making them accept a population reduction? Yeah well, if you can't beat them, join them.. What would be even better?

Either way, the men who are pulling the strings for decades are destructive for everyone as well as themselves. As if we will HAVE a planet, culture and system to discuss about. Anyway, I hope the current happenings bring us closer to nature, for the heart of man has become hostile, the further he is driven away from nature.

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