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Freedom is a very valuable word that can be used in several ways. Freedom can mean very different things for each individual person.

Some different ways how people can think about the concept freedom for example can be :

  • Freedom of choices
  • Financial freedom
  • Freedom related to time


What these different approaches of freedom have in common is that this freedom is mostly just a dream for most people, most people do think they will never ever realise the dream they have about this freedom. Sadly a lot of people do limit themselves continue about what they can achieve in life. Their dream about their freedom will be always a dream.


Freedom in life

In my opinion the 3 different approaches of freedom I mentioned above can be collected into one big freedom : FREEDOM IN LIFE.

Putting the freedom of choices, the freedom of time and the financial freedom together creates a total freedom which makes it possible to achieve things you only dreamed about before.

This total freedom gives you the possibility to get out of life everything you want.


Imagine your freedom !

Can you imagine how it would be to have total freedom in life ? A situation that makes it possible for you to go where ever you want to go, to live where you want to live, to buy what ever you want to buy and many more of this kind of stuff where just you are the person that decide what you are going to do in life.


Freedom , dream or reality ?

Many of you will react with the words ‘ dream on’ after reading the words above. And yes, indeed, that is what most people do every day. They are closing the door to their dreams. They do believe such kind of things are possible for other people but not for themselves. For some reason many people do have a lack of  esteem and they continue to tell themselves every day again achieving their dreams is impossible.

However many people don’t have a big reasons to complain about their situation, freedom is a thing they do not have for sure.


The reasons why people will never achieve freedom in life.

I think the most important reason why so many people will never achieve their freedom is just because in generally people are very conditioned. The community in which we are living expects from us we go to school, learn a profession and after that we find a job and that is it ! But will this lead to the freedom we dreamed about before ?   No way !


Another reason that keeps people far from their freedom is the fact many people listen to much to people that are not successful at all. If some person decides to make a change in life to achieve freedom ,or at least a part of it, many other people that never ever were successful will start to moan and discourage. You won’t be successful ever, the things you are dreaming about are not available for you, your imagination is much to big. And much more of this crap.


But how can a unsuccessful person give some smart advise to a person that decides to make a change in life to achieve more freedom ? It is totally bullshit !

It is the same like creating a painting and ask a blind person to estimate.


Conclusion :

Freedom is available for EVERYBODY. It just requires several steps to achieve it.


Some of these steps are :


  • Do something different than others
  • Never ever listen to unsuccessful people.
  • Be sure you have the right skills to achieve the freedom you want.


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It will give you access to many important tools, skills and facts.


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